Kauffman Unveils Enhanced Growthology Blog with Sketchbook Video Featuring Renowned Blogger Tyler Cowen

Release Date: 3/30/2012

Media Contact:
Barbara Pruitt, 816-932-1288, bpruitt@kauffman.org, Kauffman Foundation 

Kauffman Unveils Enhanced 'Growthology' Blog with
Sketchbook Video Featuring Renowned Blogger Tyler Cowen

Growthology.org now features more writers, more posts and more perspectives

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) March 30, 2012 – The Kauffman Foundation revealed enhancements to its blog, Growthology.org, to a room full of the nation’s top economics bloggers today at the Foundation’s fourth annual Economics Bloggers Forum in Kansas City, Mo., with the presentation of its latest "Sketchbook" video featuring renowned MarginalRevolution.com blogger, Tyler Cowen.

In the Sketchbook, appropriately titled, "I’m a Blogger," Cowen explains how to be an effective blogger, which he says is not for everyone.

"If you are going to have fresh material every day the switch has got to be ‘on.’ If you don’t have something to say based on knowledge and study and thought, it’s going to be tough going," says Cowen, who is professor of economics at George Mason University. "I deliberately try to subvert … expectations ... to force people to think about things in a new way."

"The capacity to share more perspectives and insights, and to do so more often, is exactly why we expanded Growthology’s content and stable of writers, and a video message from Tyler Cowen seemed a great way to announce it," says Robert E. Litan, Kauffman vice president of research and policy, who is one of three founding authors of Growthology. "We realized that the Foundation has this rich, untapped breadth and depth of expertise among our leaders and advisors, and Growthology provides the perfect vehicle for them."

First launched in 2009, Growthology has served as a platform to share perspectives on faster economic growth, smart government policy and the expansion of human welfare. The enhanced blog content now covers a broader scope of issues such as advancing innovation, entrepreneurship and the economic growth of cities. Growthology will now feature a variety of Foundation experts who will write more frequent posts. The blog will continue to welcome posts from invited guests.

More than 30 of the top economics bloggers attended the Foundation’s fourth annual Economics Bloggers Forum where they discussed the state of the U.S. economy and policymakers at odds. 

To view "I’m a Blogger," visit www.growthology.org

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