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Diverse Funding

San Antonio, Texas
United States

I locate debt/equity funds for the pipeline of clients I have both domestically and internationally seeking placement of funds.

Categories: Finance / Accounting / Tax, Community
Cost Cooperative

Cost Cooperative

Santa Monica, California
United States

Cost Cooperative brings our partners and member businesses together so they can wield the collective buying power of a business many times larger. Together, we help you save 10-25% on a growing number of critical business expenses with carefully selected and qualified partners.

Categories: Computer / Technology / Web, Finance / Accounting / Tax, Marketing / PR / Communications, Small Business Assistance
La China Capital

La China Capital

Other Country

Established in 2005, La China Capital is an integrated financial institution that focuses on providing clients with venture capital, Guaranteed loans, and professional financial consulting service specializing in fundraising, mergers & acquisitions and IPOs. We position ourselves as a Chinese boutique bank providing tailor-made capital market service for enterprises.

Categories: Finance / Accounting / Tax
Manna Management LLC

Manna Management LLC

St Joseph, Michigan
United States

Small business coaching, goal setting, accounting activities, operations excellence.

Categories: Business Consulting, Finance / Accounting / Tax, Management / HR, Strategic Planning

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