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Addiemall is a internet marketing company that provides complete online marketing services like email marketing,PPC,social media,video marketing, blog management and much more...

Categories: Marketing / PR / Communications
Next Generation Films

Next Generation Films

Miami, Florida
United States

Next Generation Films is a filing and production company that specializes in commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos and is currently filming the largest boat show in the world. Our operating costs are minimal and we can guarantee the best rates in the business!

Categories: Marketing / PR / Communications
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The GrowthHub


The Growth Hub is an impact incubator and accelerator that supports early stage entrepreneurs and start-ups in the social enterprise space in Africa who are solving today’s most pressing societal and environmental problems.

Categories: Business Consulting, Computer / Technology / Web, Economic Development, Community, Management / HR, Marketing / PR / Communications, Product Design / Development, Small Business Assistance, Strategic Planning
Marketing Magic Solutions

Marketing Magic Solutions

Nashua, New Hampshire
United States

Our partner, Ezlocal, helps you achieve top local placement on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing as well as relevant and high traffic search directories, social networks, online maps and mobile devices.

Categories: Business Consulting, Economic Development, Community, Marketing / PR / Communications, Nonprofit, Product Design / Development, Small Business Assistance, Strategic Planning
Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership MidAmerica Nazarene University

Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership (MidAmerica Nazarene University)

Olathe, Kansas
United States

To stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit on the MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) campus through enterprise initiatives that lead to economic, social, and intellectual value in our communities. We help emerging entrepreneurs with a dream along with existing companies and organizations to gain access to mentors, training, shared space, professional assistance, venture capital and other services that will move them onto the fast track to success.

Categories: Academic, Business Consulting, Computer / Technology / Web, Economic Development, Finance / Accounting / Tax, Community, Legal / Intellectual Property, Management / HR, Marketing / PR / Communications, Nonprofit, Product Design / Development, Small Business Assistance, Strategic Planning

Other Country

Provider of collaborative technology from cost effective video conferencing to document sharing and desktop video that works across all standardized platforms (inter-operable).

Categories: Computer / Technology / Web, Marketing / PR / Communications
Yossi Barazani

Yossi Barazani

Plano, Texas
United States AdFree network uses content, not ads to deliver relevant and useful business information to consumers. With Publishedin, advertisers get their content published on partner publishers’ websites.

Categories: Marketing / PR / Communications


Powells Point, North Carolina
United States

Paveya’s team is committed to bringing excellence in web design, SEO, social media and ecommerce. Paveya’s dedication is in staying ahead of the learning curve guiding our clients in the best direction for their business.

Categories: Computer / Technology / Web, Marketing / PR / Communications
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The Perfect Advertiser

What kind of advertisements give the best results; get the attention of the potential customers?

How much money have companies not wasted on expensive advertisements in the conventional media with so awful success that noone seems to have paid any attention to them?

Haven’t you ever dreamt of an inexpensive and easy way for letting your potential customers know about your goods and service and even yearn to buy it?

Recent years I have been working on my idea about a forum or a site for the perfect ad that could be cheaper, larger and more amusing than other kinds, not to mention more affective.

Just for the reason of readers bothering to read or look at an ad or something informative it has to be put forward in an interesting way.

We have developed NetSagas in such a way that it gives you, the user a chance to read and listen to a whole lot of short amusing stories and articles.

The reaction to NetSagas has been tremendously good and I have received a lot of positive emails from many countries, eventhough I have never advertised anywhere.

A great example is an email I got from an association of newspapers’ editors in London. They had been told about my website, because they happened to be seeking for a presentable foreign correspondant for their own website,


They happened to fancy my Netsagas and therefore they offered me to be their foreign correspondant and write humorous articles from Iceland.

By this introduction I would like to offer companies to make a good deal with me if they would like to put their advertisement on

Can you help me find associatess?

Best regards,

Olafur Thor Eiriksson

Reykjavik, Iceland

Tel. 354-696 7271

Categories: Marketing / PR / Communications
Wendy Mayhew

Wendy Mayhew


A video series that follows entrepreneurs and their business advisors as they start their business. There are thirteen epsiodes covering the fundamentals needed to start any type of business.

Categories: Finance / Accounting / Tax, Legal / Intellectual Property, Marketing / PR / Communications, Small Business Assistance, Strategic Planning

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