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Health Care

No Absolutes in the Affordable Care Act

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of the Treasury delayed a key provision of Affordable Care Act (ACA)—the requirement that companies with more than 50 employees extend health insurance to their full-time staff. Then, the House of Representatives passed a bill extending the same relief to individuals, who under the law would start facing tax penalties if they go without health insurance next year. It prompted me to take a fresh look at progress overall.

on July 29, 2013
Category:  Health Care 
An Entrepreneurial Approach to Your Health Care

One of the prime reasons I founded the Public Forum Institute was a strong belief in the role ordinary citizens can play in addressing chronic stalemates on vital national policy issues. After moderating hundreds of congressionally-chaired health policy forums over the years, I conclude it will be other developments outside of top-down reform that drive improvements in health care. It seems inevitable that with so many people’s income dependent on our health care industry, even the most well-meaning politicians face a never-ending path of discourse in their efforts to improve health care without disrupting such a large chunk of the American economy. The revolution in consumer data may be just one of those new game changers.

on May 07, 2012
Category:  Health Care 
Bringing Safer, More Effective Drugs to Market

Leaders in the medical innovation field have outlined how government, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions can define new models of working with the private sector to enhance drug development efforts and bring safer, more effective drugs to the market more efficiently. The New Role of Academia in Drug Discovery and Development: New Thinking, New Competencies, New Results reflects key recommendations ...

on December 06, 2010
Category:  Health Care 
Video Highlights of the Translational Medicine Alliance Forum

The 2010 Translational Medicine Alliance Forum, hosted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the Council for American Medical Innovation and Faster Cures, convened industry leaders to help facilitate a better understanding of effective models enabling and accelerating the progress of translating scientific research into patient treatment focusing on three key elements:

on October 25, 2010
Category:  Health Care 
Action Plan for New Age of Health Care

Last week I participated in an interesting gathering in Washington, DC of top medical and policy experts who issued a new health care manifesto that might be of interest to entrepreneurs in the space. Hosted by the Council for American Medical Innovation, FasterCures and the Kauffman Foundation, the 2010 Translational Medicine Alliance Forum (TMAF) brought together leaders from academia, government agencies, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and venture industries to discuss models to enable and accelerate the progress of translational medicine.

on October 18, 2010
Category:  Health Care 
The State of Start-ups
When President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union address is still unclear. However, with 80 percent of the population believing that new economic growth and jobs will come from entrepreneurs, discussion around what his address should include in terms of policies that... [More]
on January 18, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Tax Code 
Small Businesses’ Views on Health Care
A Dallas Morning News article recently argued that in Texas, where fewer than 50 percent of private-sector employers offer health insurance, some small firms say they would be more competitive if they dropped coverage and paid the fine that is stipulated in the House bill.... [More]
on December 04, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
Health Care Reform: Don’t Shortchange our Growth Drivers
On the heels of the Senate Finance Committee’s long-awaited vote on its health care bill, I thought it would be helpful to once more comment on its effect on our entrepreneurs.  The status quo in healthcare undermines entrepreneurship: small businesses are paying a higher cost... [More]
on October 13, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
An Emerging National Innovation Strategy
While President Obama has said a lot of the right things about innovation and entrepreneurship, a number have pointed to a disconnect between those words and the actions and policies emerging from the Administration. Earlier today, the president again addressed the topic from Hudson Valley... [More]
on September 21, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Developments in Washington from the Perspective of Small Businesses
PDE staff participated in a Virtual Summit organized by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Our report of the event follows:On September 15, the NFIB held a Virtual Summit featuring interesting debates on the impact of health care reform proposals and the state of... [More]
on September 16, 2009
Category:  General  Health Care 
Entrepreneurs As a Solution to Policy Challenges
In the past few months, we have highlighted through articles and factsheets how public policy can make the path easier for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, we hope to emphasize not only how policies can foster entrepreneurs, but also how entrepreneurship can directly be part of... [More]
on September 07, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  General  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Liability Litigation  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Modernizing the Labor Movement: “The Entrepreneurial Union”
Amy Wilkinson, senior fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Business and Government and public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been researching and writing about entrepreneurial leadership. In a recent piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “The Entrepreneurial... [More]
on September 03, 2009
Category:  General  Health Care 
Press Conference on the Health Insurance Reform
Yesterday at a press conference at the Capitol, Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Chair Mary Landrieu, D-La., Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., discussed the effects skyrocketing health care costs on small businesses and... [More]
on July 31, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
A Seemingly Simple Concept: Cost Matters
Until late 2008, Tom Sullivan served as the Chief Counsel for Advocacy at the Small Business Administration. While he is now back in the private sector, he is still championing the cause of entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere.  In a recent blog post... [More]
on July 20, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
Unlock Entrepreneurship Through Health Care Reform
As the president of the Public Forum Institute, I have been actively engaged in health care economics for more than 15 years. After facilitating hundreds of town halls aimed at finding common ground, I can attest that whoever leads the charge makes as many enemies... [More]
on May 18, 2009
Category:  Health Care 
Economic Stimulus and Small Business
What do the new economic stimulus measures mean for America’s small business owners? A new e-book from MyVenturePad.com takes a closer look.The report provides three perspectives on what the changing world of Washington may mean for small business owners. With billions of dollars in new... [More]
on May 14, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Health Care  Tax Code  Workforce 
Small Businesses Leery of Obama’s Agenda
A new survey sponsored the City Business Journals Network finds that many small business owners are wary of the economic policies of the new Obama Administration.The survey was based on interviews with 301 business owners (42% Republicans, 34% Independent, and 16% Democrats) across the US.Of... [More]
on April 27, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
How to Revive Health Care Innovation
The Obama economic recovery plan includes significant funds to help spur innovations, such as electronic health records, in the health care industry. Program managers in Washington would be well-advised to check out a new book, The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, from... [More]
on April 06, 2009
Category:  Health Care 
Health Care Costs... Still a Problem
Ask an entrepreneur what his most pressing concerns are and you'll hear 'the increasing cost of health care' somewhere at the top. And thyey aren't alone. The latest edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation's regular polls on American attitudes toward our health care system makes... [More]
on March 16, 2009
Category:  Health Care 

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