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South Dakota Tops for Business Taxes DC at the Bottom

Once again, South Dakota has the best state tax system for entrepreneurship and small business. According to Business Tax Index 2012 from the the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, the Mount Rushmore state edged out Texas and Nevada after compiling data on 18 different tax measures.

on April 23, 2012
Category:  Tax Code 
Helping Startups Cross the 'Valley of Death'

A proposed permanent exemption to capital gains taxes on investments in startups could help new high-growth firms thrive and create jobs. According to a new report from the Kauffman Foundation, an exemption on investments in startups held for at least five years could spur $750 million in additional seed investment and help them survive the ‘Valley of Death’—moving from concept to prototype.

on February 13, 2012
Category:  Capitol Hill  Tax Code 
Small Business Owners Stubbornly Cautious
One index that PDE has tracked over the years is the Small Business Optimism Index put out by the National Federation of Independent Business. For the last few years, there hasn't been much reason for celebration -- and that trend continues with the latest Index showing a further dip of 0.6 points in December. [More]
on January 18, 2011
Category:  Growth & Poverty  Red Tape  Tax Code  Workforce 
A Tax Code for Job Creators and Growth

Today and tomorrow the Senate will vote on President Obama’s announced deal to extend for two years all of the tax cuts, both those from the Bush years and those for low-income workers from last year’s stimulus package. Under this proposal, recently expired benefits for the long-term unemployed would also be extended for another 13 months. In addition, the agreement would cut payroll taxes for one-year. What does all this mean for entrepreneurs?

on December 13, 2010
Category:  Growth & Poverty  Tax Code 
New Federal Tax Provision Accelerates Angel Investments

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) has alerted its members about the provision of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 that provides a 100 percent exemption for gains made in Qualified Small Business Stock. This benefit is for investments made between September 27 and December 31, 2010. “This provision encourages angels and entrepreneurs to speed up investments that are already in the pipeline,” said Marianne Hudson, ACA’s executive director. “The significance is that entrepreneurs will receive the funds they need to grow their businesses sooner. That means they can hire people which adds new jobs to the economy.”

on October 20, 2010
Category:  Tax Code  Growth & Poverty 
A 16 Point Gameplan for the U.S. Economy

Inc. Magazine has just released an article that serves as “a game plan to help revitalize the American economy.” The article is called Revitalizing the American Dream, and details 16 steps for how to promote entrepreneurial optimism and create jobs. Inc. underlined the importance of startups by echoing a recent...

on July 08, 2010
Category:  Education  Immigration  Tax Code  Technology Transfer 
A Look Back at Innovation Daily
Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation-- courtesy of Innovation America and its founder, Rich Bendis. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled last week: Illinois Approves Angel Investment Credit, Extends R&D Credit (from SSTI Weekly Digest) China unveils... [More]
on July 05, 2010
Category:  Environment  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Cameron’s Payroll Tax Holiday and the G20 Summit
I suggested in my blog following President Obama’s Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship earlier this year that what we now need is for routine global ministerial level economic meetings to concentrate on policies that encourage the creation of new firms. As I depart Toronto where we... [More]
on June 28, 2010
Category:  Global  Tax Code 
Young Firms (and our Nation) Need a Payroll Tax Holiday
The unemployment pressure does not appear to abate. Layoffs continue every day and despite massive government intervention for economic recovery, there is little evidence of anything more than a slow, prolonged recovery. It is time to give a payroll tax holiday for young firms.Different forms... [More]
on February 01, 2010
Category:  Tax Code 
Real Support for Entrepreneurs: What Are We Waiting For?
So we know that entrepreneurs are the primary engines of job creation in the United States. Research study after research study has confirmed that it is young firms that drive improvements in the employment situation. From 1980–2005, firms less than five years old accounted for all... [More]
on January 25, 2010
Category:  Education  General  Immigration  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer 
The State of Start-ups
When President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union address is still unclear. However, with 80 percent of the population believing that new economic growth and jobs will come from entrepreneurs, discussion around what his address should include in terms of policies that... [More]
on January 18, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Tax Code 
Tax Policy and Small and Medium-size Enterprise
A new tax policy study by the OECD explores impediments to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) posed by the cost of tax compliance. The report, Taxation of SMEs: Key Issues and Policy Considerations, examines a range of tax issues affecting SMEs, including the possible influence... [More]
on October 23, 2009
Category:  Tax Code 
Entrepreneurs As a Solution to Policy Challenges
In the past few months, we have highlighted through articles and factsheets how public policy can make the path easier for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, we hope to emphasize not only how policies can foster entrepreneurs, but also how entrepreneurship can directly be part of... [More]
on September 07, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  General  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Liability Litigation  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Ideas on Corporate Tax Reform
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a new report, Effective Corporate Tax Reform in the Global Innovation Economy, in which Robert Atkinson examines the issue of corporate tax reform.At the release of the report, C. Fritz Foley, Associate Professor at the Harvard Business... [More]
on July 31, 2009
Category:  Tax Code 
Economic Stimulus and Small Business
What do the new economic stimulus measures mean for America’s small business owners? A new e-book from MyVenturePad.com takes a closer look.The report provides three perspectives on what the changing world of Washington may mean for small business owners. With billions of dollars in new... [More]
on May 14, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Health Care  Tax Code  Workforce 
Tax Employment?
There are a number of steps that must be taken to contain unemployment and revive a slowing economy. This week's essay suggests a good place to start might be payroll tax cuts. Here is the lead: Employment in the U.S. has been in a free fall.... [More]
on February 09, 2009
Category:  Tax Code 

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