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Technology Transfer

US 'Nowhere Near' Top in University Research Funding
Despite an abundance of world class research institutions like MIT and Stanford, the United States lags far behind many other nations in terms of funding university research. In a recent study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, the U.S. finished 24th out of 39 countries in government funding and 27th in terms of business funding. 
on December 09, 2013
Category:  Technology Transfer 
U.S. Universities Dominate List of University Incubators

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship was recently recognized as the top university business incubator in the world—beating out 150 incubators from 22 countries. The Houston-based incubator from Rice University led the charge as 15 U.S. universities dominated the top 25.

on June 24, 2013
Category:  Global  Technology Transfer 
Evaluating Universities' Impact on U.S. Economy

The latest survey from the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) has started to outline the impact of technology transfer on the overall U.S. economy. According to a press release from AUTM.
on December 17, 2012
Category:  Technology Transfer 
How Do We Strengthen US Competitiveness

In a world where seemingly every nation is scrambling to bolster innovation and entrepreneurship, how can the U.S. strengthen its competitiveness? According to a new report from the Department of Commerce, the formula is simple and based on looking at the country’s track record for promoting innovation—increased government funding for research, education and infrastructure. It argues that “failures to properly invest in, and have comprehensive strategies for” those three pillars are responsible for the shrinking gap between the US and other nations.

on January 09, 2012
Category:  Education  Global  Workforce  Physical Infrastructure  Technology Transfer 
Simplifying Access to Seed Accelerators

With new funding from the Kauffman Foundation, to the tune of $200,000, TechStars is building a unified application processing and tracking system that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to seed accelerators. While these programs typically offer only small amounts of money, they make up for it with invaluable advice and counsel from a network of entrepreneurs, investors and other experts.

on February 21, 2011
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Kauffman Labs to Illuminate Breakthrough Ideas from Female Scientists and Engineers

Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation is looking for women scientists and engineers in the United States who have ideas that could change the world. To tap a growing pool of these highly educated women who have the potential to start scalable science- and engineering-related ventures, Kauffman Labs today launched its first Women in Science and Engineering Business Idea Competition, inviting them to share their visionary ideas for the chance to win ...

on December 06, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Kauffman Foundation introduces iStart

The following press release was just issued by the Kauffman Foundation about the iStart, a new Web-based platform that helps organizations simplify how they market and administer business plan competitions worldwide. New Hub for Business Plan Competitions to Create Access, Transparency for Entrepreneurial Community Worldwide (Kansas...

on August 16, 2010
Category:  General  Global  Technology Transfer 
University Research and Untapped Potential

A report from Science Progress this summer spotlights the untapped potential of university research and presents “a model for cultivating new technologies and innovation ecosystems.” Though the government spends about $50 billion on university research, little is spent on maximizing the commercial potential of this research. The IMPACT (Innovation Model Program...

on July 27, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Innovation in Economic Development
The U.S. Economic Development Administration has announced that it is now accepting applications for the 2010 Innovation in Economic Development Awards. The deadline for entries is August 27th, 2010 and winners will be announced October 27th, 2010. The purpose of the awards is to "recognize... [More]
on July 16, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
A 16 Point Gameplan for the U.S. Economy

Inc. Magazine has just released an article that serves as “a game plan to help revitalize the American economy.” The article is called Revitalizing the American Dream, and details 16 steps for how to promote entrepreneurial optimism and create jobs. Inc. underlined the importance of startups by echoing a recent...

on July 08, 2010
Category:  Education  Immigration  Tax Code  Technology Transfer 
Commerce Forums on Innovation to Continue
The U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Economic Development Administration held a forum on June 29th on the topic of innovation. The forum took place at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and featured David Kappos, the Under Secretary of... [More]
on July 06, 2010
Category:  Education  Technology Transfer 
A Look Back at Innovation Daily
Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation-- courtesy of Innovation America and its founder, Rich Bendis. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled last week: Illinois Approves Angel Investment Credit, Extends R&D Credit (from SSTI Weekly Digest) China unveils... [More]
on July 05, 2010
Category:  Environment  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
A New Generation of Entrepreneurs to Commercialize Innovations

Kauffman Senior Fellow Dane Stangler spoke before the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee hearing titled “Fueling Local Economies: Research, Innovation and Jobs,” on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. PDE staff report: The hearing, moderated by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, featured testimonies from  Cornell University Professor Zachary Shulman,...

on July 01, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Tech Transfer Offices Only "Tip of the Iceberg"
A new report examining the commercial activity resulting from academic research shows that a large number of scientists bypass university patent and licensing offices. The study, conducted by David Audretsch and Taylor Aldridge of Indiana University, also shows that those who bypass the tech transfer... [More]
on June 28, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Congress Listens on Ways to Improve Commercialization Practices
Today, I attended the House Committee on Science and Technology’s Subcommittee on Research and Science Education a hearing titled “From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace: Improving Technology Transfer.” The representatives heard from experts on ways to approach the improvement of the process of transferring... [More]
on June 10, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy
Thursday, June 10, 2010House Committee on Science and Technology -  Subcommittee on Research & Science Education - Hearing"From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace: Improving Technology Transfer"2318 Rayburn House Office Building10:00AM - 12:00PMWitnesses:    •    Dr. Thomas W. Peterson, Assistant Director, Directorate for Engineering, National Science... [More]
on June 07, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
Accelerating Energy Innovation

President Obama has made it a priority to address one of America’s greatest challenges, meeting energy demand in a sustainable way by transforming the ways we produce and consume energy. He assembled a team that could help him in this task, such as science adviser...

on June 07, 2010
Category:  Energy  Technology Transfer 
COMPETES Bill Passed in the House
Last Friday, on a third try, the House of Representatives passed with a 262-150 vote the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act (H.R. 5116), ending a heavy House debate over concerns about the fiscal challenges that the act represents. The act, aiming to support U.S. competitiveness through... [More]
on June 02, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
UVA Creating Jobs Through Student Ventures
While most college students scramble to find summer jobs, a handful of students at the University of Virginia will spend their summer trying to create some. This summer, the Darden Business Incubator will host 18 entrepreneurship ventures as MBA students -- and others in the U.Va. community -- bring... [More]
on May 24, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Streamlining Research Commercialization
A new paper by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Facilitating the Commercialization of University Innovation: The Carolina Express License Agreement, presents a novel licensing process for commercializing university research that can support American universities' startup companies and enable long-term economic growth. The University of North Carolina... [More]
on April 21, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
From the University to the Marketplace
The JSOnline has an interesting article on a new trend in academia: Professors take expertise to marketplace. For example, Professors at UW-Madison started six companies in fiscal 2008 and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which handles a lot of UW-Madison's technology transfer activities, has about... [More]
on April 20, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Accelerating Innovation & Drug Development
PDE staff participated in an interactive Webinar to discuss a new drug development model with the potential to accelerate the process. The event was sponsored by The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF), Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the... [More]
on March 27, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Webinar: Developing Cures with Less Time & Capital
The Myelin Repair Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Scott Cook & Signe Ostby Foundation are offering an interactive Webinar to discuss a new drug development model with the potential to cut years from the drug... [More]
on March 23, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Job Generating High-Growth Firms
According to a new Kauffman Foundation study, High-Growth Firms and the Future of the American Economy, high-growth firms account for a disproportionate share of job creation despite their relatively small numbers. More specifically, the study showed, that so-called “gazelle” firms (ages three to five) comprise... [More]
on March 10, 2010
Category:  General  Immigration  Technology Transfer 
Maximizing the Potential of University Inventions
Robert Litan, vice-president of research and policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, has a new article explaining why the federal government should require universities receiving research grants to allow faculty inventors the right to choose their licensing agent. In this article, Litan responds to... [More]
on March 04, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Pediatric Medical Device ‘Idea Campaign’ Launched Online
In an effort to stimulate early stage innovation, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation announced today an eight-week online “idea campaign” to encourage innovations and collaborations to meet the growing medical needs of children. Parents, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and others have eight weeks to post and... [More]
on February 24, 2010
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
DARPA’s Approach to Innovation
PDE staff were on hand today for the Woodrow Wilson Center and MIT’s Innovation Policy Discussion Group meeting. Our report of the event—DARPA’s Approach to Innovation—follows: Today, the Deputy Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Kaigham (Ken) J. Gabriel, offered insights into how... [More]
on February 24, 2010
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
A Note on Bayh-Dole
Last week PDE posted a note about an idea to improve the effectiveness of university technology transfer in the U.S. There seems to have been some confusion following this about the nature of the breakthrough idea to improve the U.S. model for commercialization of university-developed technologies. In... [More]
on February 22, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Manhattan Links Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Investors
In his State of the Borough Speech, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer outlined a plan to diversify the city's economy and spark new job growth in the tech sector. Stringer announced the creation of an “intermediary” that will foster linkages between scientists, entrepreneurs and investors.... [More]
on February 17, 2010
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
The Untapped Potential of Research Universities
Everyone surely owns an innovative product that has its roots in a university lab, or knows someone that has benefited from the presence of start-ups that formed through the dissemination of knowledge and technologies from the university to the marketplace. Universities have been the lifeblood... [More]
on February 15, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Highlights from House Science and Technology Agenda
On January 19, Rep. Bart Gordon announced the 2010 legislative agenda for the House Committee on Science and Technology. Innovation and energy and STEM education lead the priorities list.As part of its effort to maintain U.S. competitiveness through innovation, the Committee plans to work on... [More]
on February 10, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Technology Transfer 
The Economic Power of University Spin-offs
According to Krisztina Holly, vice provost for innovation at the University of Southern California and former founding executive director of MIT's Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, “an opportunity to solve our job crisis lies right under our noses.” In an opinion piece for CNN, Holly explained:... [More]
on February 08, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Protecting U.S. Global Dominance in Biomedical Products
A new Kauffman Foundation paper, The Distributed Partnering Model for Drug Discovery and Development, argues that drug discovery is in jeopardy and recommends a new “distributed partnership model” for speeding therapeutic products to market. In the 20th century, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies were the major... [More]
on January 28, 2010
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Real Support for Entrepreneurs: What Are We Waiting For?
So we know that entrepreneurs are the primary engines of job creation in the United States. Research study after research study has confirmed that it is young firms that drive improvements in the employment situation. From 1980–2005, firms less than five years old accounted for all... [More]
on January 25, 2010
Category:  Education  General  Immigration  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer 
Early Career Scientists to Receive Funding to Support Research

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced that 69 scientists from across the nation will receive up to $85 million in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for five-year research grants. This effort is part of DOE’s new Early Career Research...

on January 19, 2010
Category:  Energy  General  Technology Transfer 
U.S. Commerce Secretary Highlights Innovation System Weaknesses
Commerce Secretary Gary Locke pointed to severe weaknesses with the US innovation system when he took part in a meeting of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology (PCAST) on January 7. “America simply doesn’t have an efficient system to take new ideas... [More]
on January 15, 2010
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
Science Park Legislation Introduced in the House
On Jan 12th, U.S. Representatives Gabrielle Giffords (D -AZ) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) introduced “The Science Parks Research and Innovative New Technologies Act” (SPRINT Act - H.R.4413). The legislation would authorize the Department of Commerce to establish a $7.5 million competitive grants program for feasibility... [More]
on January 14, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
Hotspots for Cleantech
As everyone continues to look to cleantech as a hot industry for the coming year, what are the best places to be to capitalize on the trend? A recent post from the Cleantech Group ranked the top universities, while an earlier post looked at the... [More]
on January 11, 2010
Category:  Energy  Environment  Technology Transfer 
Legislation to Develop Science Parks Advances
Last week, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee unanimously passed the Building a Stronger America Act which promises to spur innovation and economicdevelopment through the development of science parks.  The Act allows the Secretary of Commerce to guarantee up to 80 percent of loans... [More]
on December 21, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
OECD Scoreboard Focuses on Innovation
The complete OECD Science, Technology andIndustry Scoreboard 2009 is now availablefree online. Scoreboard’s more than 200 internationally comparable qualityindicators provide data and analysis about trends shaping science andinnovation, and answer important policy questions such as: What impact has thecrisis had on innovation and spending on... [More]
on December 20, 2009
Category:  Global  Intellectual Property  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010
Creating an open, competitive licensingsystem for university innovators (scroll to the bottom of the page for the headline, then click on to the next page for the description) is one of HarvardBusiness Review’s “Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010.” This solution -- A Faster Path from... [More]
on December 19, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Leaders in the Philippines Look to the U.S. in New Tech Transfer Initiatives
A new Tech Transfer bill that models the US system is under consideration in the Philippines, where only an estimated 10 percent of university-research output is being transferred into industries. The Technology Transfer Act borrows heavily from the US Bayh-Dole Act.Philippine Senator Angara, co-sponsor of... [More]
on December 04, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
Universities as Drivers of Innovation
The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) recently sponsored a Capitol Hill briefing called “Enhancing Universities’ Role in Innovation.” Our report of the event follows:The featured proposal of this briefing outlined how the federal government can help formulate a scalable model for commercializing the technology... [More]
on October 19, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
The Entrepreneurial Potential of Postdoctoral Researchers
The Kauffman Foundation welcomed its inaugural class of Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellows for its fall program workshop. The weeklong workshop "From Postdoc to Startup" will introduce the 13 selected Fellows to experts who can help them commercialize their innovations and start new firms."From Postdoc to Startup”... [More]
on October 09, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
The Health of Regulation for Medical Innovation
PDE staff attended a Capitol Hill briefing on “Incentives for Innovation: Protecting America’s Greatest Innovators” sponsored by the Council for American Medical Innovation. Our report of the event follows:The third and final briefing of a series entitled "Recovery Through Discovery" focused on how government policies... [More]
on October 07, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
New York City’s Innovation Performance
A new study by the Center for an Urban Future, a Manhattan-based think tank, shows that New York City has great research universities and research centers, but is underperforming in turning scientific advances into start-up businesses.The report, Building New York City's Innovation Economy, details why... [More]
on October 07, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Keys to Economic Growth and Global Competitiveness
PDE staff attended a Capitol Hill briefing on comparative innovation policy sponsored by the National Research Council. Our report of the event follows: A September 22nd Capital Hill briefing on research, science, and technology (R-S-T) parks sought to convince policymakers that promoting innovation and commercialization... [More]
on September 30, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Hot Topic: Research and Innovation Infrastructure
There has been a lot of talk about research parks lately. Here are few ideas that have been discussed lately.Science Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress, recently released a report on the federal government and the growth of regional innovation clusters, The... [More]
on September 25, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
An Emerging National Innovation Strategy
While President Obama has said a lot of the right things about innovation and entrepreneurship, a number have pointed to a disconnect between those words and the actions and policies emerging from the Administration. Earlier today, the president again addressed the topic from Hudson Valley... [More]
on September 21, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Challenges to Translational Research
PDE staff participated in a Capitol Hill briefing on translational research sponsored by the Council for American Medical Innovation. Our report of the event follows:On Thursday, September 17, the Council for American Medical Innovation brought together policy experts for its Capitol Hill briefing “Translational Research:... [More]
on September 21, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
Entrepreneurs As a Solution to Policy Challenges
In the past few months, we have highlighted through articles and factsheets how public policy can make the path easier for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, we hope to emphasize not only how policies can foster entrepreneurs, but also how entrepreneurship can directly be part of... [More]
on September 07, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  General  Global  Health Care  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Liability Litigation  Physical Infrastructure  Red Tape  Tax Code  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
U.S. R&D Tax Credit Sagging
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) continues toargue in favor of corporate tax reform. In “U.S. Continues to Tread Water in Global R&D Tax Incentives”, ITIF’s Robert Atkinson contends that the United States’ R&D credit has fallen so far behind compared to other nations... [More]
on August 31, 2009
Category:  Global  Technology Transfer 
Science and the Public
A new report by the Pew ResearchCenter for the People& the Press in collaboration with the American Association for theAdvancement of Science (AAAS) found that the majority of Americans think"that science has had a positive effect on society” and that science hasmade life easier for... [More]
on August 24, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Fellowship will Nurture 'Scientist-founders'
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation announced recently that it has selected 13 leading scientific postdoctoral researchers to become the first class of Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellows. The thirteen postdoctoral Fellows will receive support from an academic advisor to mentor him/her on matters beyond research, and an... [More]
on August 14, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
Entrepreneurial Approach to Innovation in Pediatric Devices
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation announced on July 21st that it is partnering with the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health in awarding a grant to create a Pediatric Medical Device Innovation fellowship team at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The fellowship team is... [More]
on July 27, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
House Approves SBIR Reauthorization
On July 8, 2009 the House of Representatives approved H.R. 2965, the Enhancing Small Business Research and Innovation Act of 2009 by a vote of 386-41. This legislation would reauthorize through 2011 the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.... [More]
on July 13, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
The Condition of U.S. Research Universities
Four Members of Congress have asked the National Academies to assess the competitive position of our research universities, both public and private. In a letter delivered on June 22 to the Ralph Cicerone (President of the National Academy of Sciences), Harvey Fineberg (President of the... [More]
on June 29, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Senate Committee Votes to Reauthorize SBIR-STTR
In a closed session late last week, the United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship unanimously passed two bills to reauthorize and improve a number of Small Business Administration (SBA) programs. PDE staff covered a roundtable discussion on these issues earlier in June.... [More]
on June 22, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
More Recommendations Supporting VC-Backed Firm Access to SBIR-STTR
PDE staff were on hand last week for a hearing of the House Committee on Small Business taking yet another look at the reauthorization of the SBIR and STTR programs. Our report of the hearing--Legislative Initiatives to Strengthen and Modernize the SBIR and STTR Programs--follows:This... [More]
on June 21, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Focus of Roundtable Discussion
PDE staff were on hand earlier this week for a roundtable held by the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. Our report of the roundtable--SBIR and STTR Reauthorization: Ensuring a Strong Future for Small Business in Federal Research and Development--follows:The U.S. Senate Committee on Small... [More]
on June 05, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
Have We Oversold the Role of Venture Capital?
There has been much debate lately over the benefits and drawbacks of venture capital-backed firms being eligible to receive SBIR awards. This week, I take a look at the role that the VC industry has played in entrepreneurial growth. Here is the lead:There has been... [More]
on May 11, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
USA National Innovation Marketplace
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently unveiled a great new resource designed to link inventors with potential investors and business partners. The National Innovation Marketplace was developed in cooperation with Planet Eureka!, a private consultancy. The site, still in beta format,... [More]
on May 11, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Agencies Encouraged to Use Recovery Funds on Innovative Small Businesses
United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Chair Mary Landrieu, D-La., wrote on Thursday (05/07/2009) to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and National Science Foundation Director Arden Bement, urging them... [More]
on May 08, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
The Week Ahead in Entrepreneurship Policy
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 -- Committee HearingHouse Committee on Science and Technology, Subcommittee on Energy and Environment"Pushing the Efficiency Envelope: R&D for High-Performance Buildings, Industries and Consumers"Time -- 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. Location -- 2318 Rayburn House Office Building[more info] Wednesday, April 29, 2009 --... [More]
on April 27, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Education  Energy  Environment  Global  Technology Transfer 
Will We See a Revolution in Energy Technology?
Today the world celebrates Earth Day. This year, advocates of policies to contain climate change probably see hope in the increased federal funding for energy R&D coming from the stimulus bill and this year’s budget.  Charles Weiss (Georgetown University) and William B. Bonvillian (MIT) remind us... [More]
on April 22, 2009
Category:  Energy  Environment  Technology Transfer 
Nordic Innovation Monitor
Over the past decade, the Nordic nations have emerged with some of the world’s most innovative and competitive economies. According to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ latest Nordic Innovation Monitor, the current economic crisis may offer an opportunity to help accelerate innovation in the region.Clearly,... [More]
on March 16, 2009
Category:  Global  Immigration  Technology Transfer 
Innovation at Risk
My essay today takes a look at the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. In all likelihood it will continue, but a reauthorization still hasn't happened. Here is the lead: One of the few effective government programs to support innovation is at risk. The language... [More]
on March 16, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Technology Transfer 
Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellowships Open
Postdoctoral researchers bring new discoveries to the world, and the Kauffman Foundation is opening a door for them to do so through entrepreneurship.The Kauffman Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellows program provides a unique opportunity for postdocs in science and technology fields to launch their innovative research from... [More]
on March 09, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Innovation in the States: Washington
Washington, home to Microsoft, Amazon and numerous other technology firms, has always had a strong foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship. Yet, like most areas of the country, Washington now faces a severe economic crisis and can no longer continue with business as usual.A new study... [More]
on March 09, 2009
Category:  Physical Infrastructure  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
Innovation in the States: Arizona
In 2006, a host of Arizona-based business groups helped create the Science Foundation Arizona (SFAZ), as a statewide effort to diversify Arizona's economy by promoting science and technology. What seemed like a good idea in 2006 has become a harder sell in the face of... [More]
on March 09, 2009
Category:  Education  Technology Transfer  Workforce 
A Sobering Look at American Competitiveness
America’s competitiveness challenges are not simply an outgrowth of the current economic crisis. Instead, they are the culmination of decades without a coherent national innovation strategy. That’s the primary message of a new Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) report that benchmarks American innovation performance... [More]
on March 02, 2009
Category:  Global  Immigration  Intellectual Property  Technology Transfer 
The Role of the University in an Entrepreneurial Economy
This week's essay is a lead in to our first Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship briefing on Capitol Hill featuring a new report by Ed Roberts, founder and chair of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation and Robert Atkinson of the Information... [More]
on February 16, 2009
Category:  Technology Transfer 
Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes
The quest for clean and green energy is generating a lot of interesting ideas and policy proposals. The latest comes from a group of researchers affiliated with the Brookings Institution that recommend the creation of a nationwide series of Energy-Discovery Innovation Institutes. The institutes would... [More]
on February 16, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 
Reigniting the Innovation Economy: Where Do Universities Fit In?
As Washington debates a final agreement on the economic stimulus, we know that America’s colleges and universities are going to play an important role in revitalizing and strengthening the innovation economy. But, how can we be sure that new public investments have the greatest impacts... [More]
on February 09, 2009
Category:  General  Technology Transfer 

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