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Good News for Great Lakes Entrepreneurs

While technology and the viral nature of social media has made it possible to launch a startup with a global reach from day one, the funding to enable those startups still comes a lot closer to home. According to the latest Halo Report (Q1 2014) on angel investing, three out of every four angel deals are between an investor and company in the same state -- and the average size of those deals ($1.23M) is on the rise. That is good news for entrepreneurs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin – who are seeing an increasing amount of deals and dollars lately.

on August 11, 2014
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
Angels On the Upswing Still Targeting Tech

Despite reason for concern with the Q3 2013 numbers on angel investing, the total figures for 2013 as a whole show that angel activity is on the rise with more high-valuation deals closed in 2013 than the previous year. They also show a continued trend toward investment in technology that mirrors a jump in venture capital dollars in the sector

on March 31, 2014
Category:  General 
Angel Deals Still Down

Toward the tail end of 2013, we highlighted a couple of reports that pointed to a fairly stable angel market in the U.S. The latest from one of those reports, the Halo Report — from Angel Resource Institute (ARI), Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and CB Insights — may suggest reason for a bit of concern. According to the report, median angel round sizes are down $180,000 per deal since Q1 2013 ($700,000 to $520,000).

on January 27, 2014
Category:  General 
Cautious Optimism in U.S. Angel Market
A pair of reports coming out in the last week point paint a picture of a fairly stable angel investing market in the U.S. The Q2 2013 Halo Reportfrom the Angel Resource Institute and the Q1 Q2 2013 Angel Market Report from the Center for Venture Research suggest that year-on-year numbers were either fairly flat or trending upward slightly.
on October 21, 2013
Category:  General 
Angels Stay Local with Investments

According to a recent report on angel investing in the United States, more than 8 in 10 angel investments in the last 12 months were completed in the home state of the investor group and company. The Q1 2013 Halo Report—published by the Angel Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights—is based on 207 deals totaling $222 million invested.

on July 22, 2013
Category:  General 
Angel Activity Remains Stable

Last week, we brought you the latest news from the venture capital industry. This week, we hear from the angels and the overall message is a bit more positive—at least that overall angel investing for 2012 was “stable with prior years.”

on April 22, 2013
Category:  General 
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