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Local Entrepreneurs Lead to Long-term Growth

A pair of recently released reports by the Kauffman Foundation focus on efforts at the local level to create jobs and build long-term economic growth. When viewed alongside one another, the message to policymakers seems clear -- focus on nurturing local entrepreneurs over attracting out-of-state firms with financial incentives. 

on April 28, 2014
Category:  General 
The Right Rules and Incentives

Entrepreneurs start and grow companies in spite of government. But Chris Schroeder’s new book Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East reveals a quiet, unnoticed uprising in the midst of front page uncertainty surrounding the region after the Arab Spring. The entrepreneurs leading the revolution illustrated in his book have not been waiting for government direction and resources. To the contrary, they have become the leaders.

on August 19, 2013
Category:  Capitol Hill  Global 
Colorado at Center of High-Tech Job Creation

Granted, Silicon Valley has the sheer volume, but when it comes to the density of high-tech startups you have to look to Boulder--and Fort Collins--and Denver--and Colorado Springs. A new report that contrasts the job creation dynamics in the innovative tech sector against the entire private sector ranks the top 10 metro areas for high-tech startup density and Colorado dominates the list.

on August 19, 2013
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
At Last, a Global Platform for Startups

The nurturing of new and young firms has so far not been given much attention in prominent global gatherings. International government meetings have mostly concentrated on passive SME policy and others like the World Economic Forum have treated entrepreneurs as a side ring at the circus. The maturing of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) to fill this gap is thus a welcome development.

on April 01, 2013
Category:  Global 
'The Real World' Meets Startup World in Kansas City

More than 20 years ago, MTV launched the reality TV genre by throwing a group of strangers together in the same house to live and work. The show started in New York and has been filmed in 27 cities since. While Kansas City never had a chance to “find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting real” it is getting something even better—and certainly much less annoying—the Brad Feld’s KC Fiberhouse.

on February 25, 2013
Category:  General 
Creating Sustainable Startup Communities

Brad Feld, managing director of the Foundry Group and tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere, is featured in a new sketchbook video from the Kauffman Foundation.

on October 15, 2012
Category:  General 
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