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What’s Ahead for China’s Entrepreneurs?
When China implemented its first economic reforms in 1978, the government accounted for more than 90 percent of GDP. By 2005, public sector contributions to GDP represented less than 50 percent. Does this mean entrepreneurs are thriving? [More]
on June 23, 2014
Category:  Global 
The Most Important Global Company You Have Never Heard Of

They are larger than amazon and have more users than ebay. Yet, most Americans have never heard of them. But this company’s implications for the global economy and the increase of human welfare to the world’s poor hold vast potential.

on April 6, 2011
Category:  Global  Digesting DC 
Chinas Spotlight on the Global Entrepreneurship Renaissance

It is an important week for entrepreneurship around the world, especially here in China where we recently wrapped up the Kauffman Foundation-led Global Entrepreneurship Congress, bringing together impressive leaders in the field from over 100 nations. In addition to launching and recognizing more than 100 national campaigns to promote entrepreneurship through this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (scheduled for November 14-20), we have witnessed this week entrepreneurship as a burgeoning phenomenon from Chile to China.

on April 05, 2011
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
China Takes Center Stage in the Global Entrepreneurial Revolution

We are a week away from another historic global entrepreneurship event - this time in Shanghai, China, for the annual gathering of global leaders in the entrepreneurial movement led by the Kauffman Foundation.

on March 21, 2011
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
A Bright Future for Entrepreneurs in China

The China we knew as the enormous economy largely fueled by cheap labor and inexpensive manufacturing has changed. Though happening slowly compared to its potential, China is becoming one of the most innovative economies on the planet and the birthplace of entrepreneurs like Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, who are entrepreneurial rock stars at home and around the world. Entrepreneurial capitalism seems to be taking hold in China. How is entrepreneurship overcoming the roadblocks of a planned economy?

on October 18, 2010
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
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