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States the Focal Point for Job Creation

Another week, another look at the US and how individual states line up when it comes to promoting entrepreneurial growth. Last week, we highlighted the State New Economy Index from ITIF that showed Massachusetts on top of the list of states that adapt to continual economic evolution. The week before that, the latest Small Business Friendliness survey from Thumbtack.com and the Kauffman Foundation handed out A+ grades to Utah, Idaho and Texas. This week? It’s North Dakota's turn to shine. 

on June 30, 2014
Category:  Capitol Hill  Growth & Poverty  Workforce 
City Policy Levers

Cities have clearly become laboratories for startup ecosystems.  While each city faces an array of regulations imposed by national and regional levels of government, many local leaders have used smart policy levers to differentiate their cities and attract entrepreneurs. 

on June 02, 2014
Category:  Red Tape 
North Dakota ‘Most Enterprising’ State

If you are looking for a job, you may want to consider looking in North Dakota. According to a new survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the job growth rate in North Dakota is far beyond that of any other state. As policymakers across the country work to foster strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, Enterprising States: Getting Down to Small Business takes an in-depth look at the priorities, policies and programs of the 50 states that are vital for job growth and economic prosperity.

on May 20, 2013
Category:  General 
Checking Up on Optimism—Or Should We Say Down?

Each quarter, the Chamber tracks the outlook of entrepreneurs and small business owners on their businesses, the local economy and the U.S. economy. In the latest survey, overwhelmingly, they think the national economy is not headed in the right direction. However, the numbers improve as the focus narrows to the local economy (47% said it was on the right track) and their own business (68%). Unfortunately, that may not translate to more jobs though as only 20% thought they would add employees in the year ahead.

on July 23, 2012
Category:  General 
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