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The Lean Startup Goes to Washington
Evidence-based policy, iteration, and innovation are making their way into government. [More]
on April 07, 2014
Category:  Capitol Hill 
Malaysia in the Limelight

Pressing ahead with its plan to build an entrepreneurial economy, Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance will host the fourth Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) on October 11-12, 2013. With the expected participation of U.S. President Barack Obama and other heads of state, the summit in Kuala Lumpur is set to be a milestone for Malaysia’s quest to become an entrepreneurship hub. I met with the planners in Kuala Lumpur recently to discuss progress.

on July 15, 2013
Category:  Global 
Washington Starts Standing Up to Patent Trolls

The White House is hoping to address the skyrocketing number of patent infringement lawsuits with a new series of executive actions and legislative priorities targeted at so-called ‘patent trolls.’ According to a new report by the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, National Economic Council and Office of Science & Technology Policy, the total number of patent cases has nearly doubled in the past seven years. More alarming is the fact that in that same amount of time, the number of suits filed by patent-trolls—companies that own patents for the sole purpose of litigating to receive license fees—has more than tripled to 62% of all cases.

on June 10, 2013
Category:  Intellectual Property  Capitol Hill 
Round Three of i6 Challenge to Spur High-Growth Entrepreneurship

The White House is getting attention recently for its efforts at X Prize style competitions—which makes sense since its ‘assistant director for grand challenges’ is a former X-Prizer. One of the challenges at the heart of that approach is its i6 Challenge—a $6 million competition that “seeks to develop Proof of Concept Centers and create a network of experts to support innovators and researchers; spur sustainable startups, small businesses, and new ventures; expand access to capital to fuel growth; connect mentors and education to entrepreneurs; and spark job creation.”

on June 18, 2012
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