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The Most Important Global Company You Have Never Heard Of

They are larger than amazon and have more users than ebay. Yet, most Americans have never heard of them. But this company’s implications for the global economy and the increase of human welfare to the world’s poor hold vast potential.

on April 6, 2011
Category:  Global  Digesting DC 
Economics Bloggers Want to See Lower Barriers to Entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Foundation has been surveying the nation’s top economics bloggers each quarter. In this last quarter, they have once again conveyed a steadily deteriorating view of the U.S. economy in responses. Respondents’ outlook on the U.S. economy is even more pessimistic than in any previous quarterly survey in 2010, with 99 percent saying that conditions are mixed, facing recession or in recession.

on October 25, 2010
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
Bolivia: Advancing a Nascent Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Like many developing countries, Bolivia has a nascent, but promising entrepreneurial environment. The country has a good number of institutions that offer financial and technical services that network the country’s millions of micro-entrepreneurs. However, as readers of this blog are well aware, data has confirmed time and again that it is young firms that grow that provide the most benefits to society in terms of job and wealth creation and innovation. Thus, the challenge ahead for Bolivia is to enable more growth entrepreneurs.

on September 20, 2010
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
The Structural Features of Entrepreneurial Capitalism

The extraordinary contribution of jobs from new and young firms often is treated as something unique to these firms. A new Kauffman Foundation study, Neutralism and Entrepreneurship: The Structural Dynamics of Startups, Young Firms and Job Creation,reveals an important structural context in which firm formation and job creation occur that helps explain why new and young companies dominate net job creation.

on September 08, 2010
Category:  Growth & Poverty  General 
The State of Entrepreneurship in Chile

The Chilean economy has been recognized as the most competitive of Latin America. In general, Chile has been characterized by political and economic stability and relatively low levels of corruption and offers one of the most advanced physical infrastructure systems in the region. The potential and proven track record of this economy has led to Chile’s recent accession to the OECD as its 31st member and its first member in South America. Not surprisingly, Chile is often a case study in economic development. The question is whether its model will show the power of entrepreneurship as an engine for prosperity?

on August 30, 2010
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
Going High-Tech in West Virginia
Business and political leaders in West Virginia are getting serious about nurturing technology and innovation in the Mountain State. TechConnect West Virginia, the state’s advocate for technology-based economic development, has unveiled a new blueprint for strengthening the state's technology sector. West Virginia’s economy has traditionally... [More]
on April 10, 2009
Category:  General 
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