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Message to the Incoming Class: It’s All About the Startups

The past few months have brought a new series of reports dissecting the job creation phenomenon by new firms, timely at a time when so much of the economic discussion lately in the U.S. has focused on strategies to recover the roughly 8 million jobs lost during this past recession. We already knew that research has firmly established that new firms—those no more than five years old—over the past three decades have been responsible for virtually all of the net new jobs created in the U.S. economy (see 2009 reports “Jobs Created from Business Startups in the United States,” and “Where Will The Jobs Come From?”).  As the nation debates this leading up to the mid-term elections in the United States, let’s further examine U.S. job growth and its relationship to startup companies.

on October 11, 2010
Category:  Growth & Poverty 
The Structural Features of Entrepreneurial Capitalism

The extraordinary contribution of jobs from new and young firms often is treated as something unique to these firms. A new Kauffman Foundation study, Neutralism and Entrepreneurship: The Structural Dynamics of Startups, Young Firms and Job Creation,reveals an important structural context in which firm formation and job creation occur that helps explain why new and young companies dominate net job creation.

on September 08, 2010
Category:  Growth & Poverty  General 
A Reflection on the Jobs Summit
on December 11, 2009
Category:  Workforce 
A State-by-State Look at Job Growth
A new study by Moody's, an economic consulting firm, is getting some attention on USAToday.com. While the 2009 forecast for the US shows a drop of 3.3%, it projects gains for 2010-2012 across all job sectors--even the sluggish manufacturing industry. In the meantime, what does 2009... [More]
on April 15, 2009
Category:  General 
Are Green Jobs Good?
In the clamor for 'green jobs,' many advocates are avoiding the tough questions about whether green jobs are “good” jobs.  If so-called green collar workers are paid minimum wage, the real benefits of a green economy may be limited. A new study from Good Jobs... [More]
on February 09, 2009
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