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Yes, Minister. Entrepreneurship.
The spirit of entrepreneurship was alive and well at last week’s Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. The White House took a political risk in hosting a summit on “global” entrepreneurship in a climate when so many Americans, anxious about their local economy, are easily blinded to... [More]
on May 03, 2010
Category:  Global 
State Department Initiatives for Entrepreneurship Announced
At the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship which I am attending this week, in her speech before all the delegates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced specific steps to create entrepreneurial environments, expand access to capital and expertise, and advance mentorship for emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs... [More]
on April 28, 2010
Category:  Global 
Summit Delegates Make Their Way to Washington
[image courtesy America.gov]Individuals from more than 50 countries are on their way to Washington to serve as delegates to the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. America.gov is telling the stories of several of those amazing delegates.Its feature on the summit -- slated for April 26 & 27 -- includes blog... [More]
on April 23, 2010
Category:  Global 
The State of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Today, we start the seven day countdown for the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, and I want to take the opportunity to highlight a nation where entrepreneurship is starting to bloom: Malaysia. Although not yet a start-up economy, the desire for entrepreneurship and innovation are there,... [More]
on April 19, 2010
Category:  Global 
Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join an extraordinary group of women entrepreneurs mostly from Saudi Arabia for a lunch at the home of the Honorable Esther Coopersmith.  All were both proud of their higher education in Saudi Arabia and had started companies in... [More]
on April 12, 2010
Entrepreneurship in Turkey
Turkey offers quite a sophisticated platform for entrepreneurs. It has a diversified industrial base, a relatively stable political and economic environment, a critical mass of willing early adopters, a considerable talent pool, a strong domestic market and underserved neighboring markets. Yet, currently only 6 out... [More]
on April 05, 2010
Category:  Global 
The State of Entrepreneurship in Egypt
Last June, President Obama announced in Cairo, Egypt that the U.S. government will host a Summit on Entrepreneurship to identify how we can deepen ties between leaders, foundations, and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Muslim communities around the world.  Throughout April leading up to the... [More]
on March 29, 2010
Category:  Global 
Global Entrepreneurship: A Common Language
Last week’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in Dubai was a historic gathering not only because -- under the patronage of Sheik Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan of the UAE -- it brought together entrepreneurship leaders from nearly 100 nations, but because it heralded a new era... [More]
on March 15, 2010
Category:  Global 
Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: A Report from Dubai
It is an important week for entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Here in Dubai, two important global summits will be convened by His Excellency, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, United Arab Emirates Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Carl Schramm, President of the... [More]
on March 08, 2010
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