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Access to Credit Improving... Barely
A number of sources are indicating that banks are relaxing lending standards -- leading to a slow increase in small business demand for loans. The graph below from the December issue of The Small Business Advocate suggests that brighter days are ahead. The latest report... [More]
on January 04, 2010
Category:  General 
Documenting the Impact of Broadband on Small Businesses
The Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy islooking for a contractor to conduct a study to evaluate the impact of broadband speed and priceon small businesses. Advocacy offers toprovide assistance in obtaining access to non-proprietary FederalCommunications Commission (FCC) and other agency data, if necessary.The study... [More]
on August 24, 2009
Economy Will Revive with Help from Entrepreneurs
Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy recently released its annual report The Small Business Economy. In an accompanying letter to the President, the report affirms that “the economy will revive, with help from America’s entrepreneurs.” This new edition documents the effects of the 2008 recession on... [More]
on July 20, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill 
Where are the Friendly Banks?
The SBA Office of Advocacy released its latest annual study of banks’ and other financial institutions’ small business lending. The study “Small Business and Micro Business Lending in the United States for Data Years 2007-2008” revealed that the growth of small and microbusiness lending remained... [More]
on June 01, 2009
Category:  General 
Innovation at Small Firms
The latest report from the Intuit Future of Small Business series takes a look at how small firms innovate. The report notes that, while small business owners are natural innovators, few view themselves in this manner. Instead, they refer to “tweaks,” “improvements,” or “experiments.” To... [More]
on March 23, 2009
Category:  General 
Do Business Plans Matter?
Given all the attention paid to business plans as precursor to business start-ups, you would think that there would be strong evidence that such plans lead to better business outcomes. Somewhat surprisingly, the linkages aren’t quite so clear.New research sponsored by the US Small Business... [More]
on February 16, 2009
Category:  General 
Stimulating Entrepreneurship
Everyone, everywhere is focused on the stimulus package being debated on Capitol Hill. My latest essay suggests policymakers can and should do more to leverage the role ofentrepreneurs in stimulating our economy, but they must do socarefully.Here is the lead: Congress is considering the American... [More]
on January 26, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  General 
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