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Utah Most ‘Friendly’ State for Small Business

How friendly is your state to small business owners? Apparently very friendly, if you live in Utah or Texas—and not so friendly if you live in California. Utah took the top honors as the friendliest state to small business while Texas had three of the top five cities in the latest survey from Thumbtack.com and the Kauffman Foundation.

on April 08, 2013
Category:  General 
Entrepreneurs Gauge States’ Friendliness: Idaho #1

If you are reading this, chances are you have seen any number of surveys and indices that rank the U.S. states according to their climate towards small business and entrepreneurs. Unlike other rankings, a new survey from Thumbtack.com has gone straight to the source. Partnering with the Kauffman Foundation, Thumbtack.com conducted a two-month survey of over 6,000 small business owners nationwide on the friendliness of states towards small business and about small business finances in order to measure states and cities along 21 metrics.

on May 21, 2012
Category:  General 
What Do Entrepreneurs Think?
A new survey of American entrepreneurs conducted by theEwing Marion Kauffman Foundation revealed that entrepreneurs continue tostruggle despite increasing optimism about the economy on Wall Street and thatthey want government to do more to encourage entrepreneurship. Conducted one week before Federal Reserve Chairman BenBernanke... [More]
on September 23, 2009
Category:  General 
Small Businesses Leery of Obama’s Agenda
A new survey sponsored the City Business Journals Network finds that many small business owners are wary of the economic policies of the new Obama Administration.The survey was based on interviews with 301 business owners (42% Republicans, 34% Independent, and 16% Democrats) across the US.Of... [More]
on April 27, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Health Care 
Innovation in Manufacturing
A new Boston Consulting Group study examines how American manufacturers view innovation. Not surprisingly, they recognize that innovation is a key to future success, but they are not happy with their own firms’ performance. Only 43 percent of surveyed executives are happy with the return... [More]
on March 23, 2009
Category:  General  Global 
Health Care Costs... Still a Problem
Ask an entrepreneur what his most pressing concerns are and you'll hear 'the increasing cost of health care' somewhere at the top. And thyey aren't alone. The latest edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation's regular polls on American attitudes toward our health care system makes... [More]
on March 16, 2009
Category:  Health Care 
Women-Owned Firms Underperforming
Last week, we highlighted an effort to promote entrepreneurship among women. According to new research from the Kauffman Foundation, women owned 6.5 million privately-held firms that generated $940 billion in sales and employed 7.1 million people in 2002. And they also underperformed relative to male-owned firms... [More]
on February 09, 2009
Category:  General 
Global Innovation Index 2008-2009
INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school, has recently published the latest edition of its Global Innovation Index, which benchmarks the world’s most innovative economies. Given the seemingly unending stream of glum economic news, it’s nice to share some good news. The US still ranks as the... [More]
on February 02, 2009
Category:  Global 
VC Fundraising in 2008: It Could Have Been Worse
The final figures for venture capital investing in 2008 have been released, and the news is not good, but it could have been much worse. Faced with a major economic crisis and moribund market for exits, venture capitalists and their investors may be starting to... [More]
on January 26, 2009
The 2009 Franchise 500
Entrepreneur magazine’s 2009 Franchise 500 has just been released. Subway takes the top spot in 2009, topping 2008’s top franchise: 7-Eleven. Subway, which operates more than 30,000 restaurants in 87 countries, has long dominated the Franchise 500 list. It has held the top spot... [More]
on December 31, 2008

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