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Why Global Entrepreneurship Week Matters
(photo courtesy of Pieter Glerum) Days before Global Entrepreneurship Week kicked off, a piece in BusinessWeek by two of the initiative's proponents made the case for why it pays to encourage entrepreneurship among young people around the globe. Written by PDE's Jonathan Ortmans and... [More]
on November 23, 2009
Category:  Global 
In the National Interest: High-Skill Immigration Reform
Before the August congressional recess, key Senators anticipated thatan immigration reform bill will be ready for the Senate to considerthis fall. Given that congressional action on immigration could startsoon, it is time again to highlight why the U.S. needs a smartimmigration reform that considers high-skilled immigrants’ contributions... [More]
on August 31, 2009
Category:  Immigration 
Immigrants a Plus for the Economy
Immigrants create more jobs than they take. That is the take home message appearing in a recent issue of Newsweek from the following 'Smart List' item: Lou Dobbs, take note: immigrants are good for our economy. The most skilled create jobs in technology and engineering,... [More]
on August 24, 2009
Category:  Immigration 
Next PDE Briefing to Address Immigration & Innovation
The next PDE briefing on Capitol Hill will look at the much-discussed and debated issue of what to do about foreign talent as we try to jumpstart the economy. Innovation, Immigration & the Knowledge Economy is scheduled for Monday, April 6 from 11:15 am -... [More]
on March 22, 2009
Category:  Capitol Hill  Immigration 
A New Look at American Competitiveness
At a time of historic economic downturns, many American observers may console themselves that the American economy, despite its many challenges, still remains a global leader in entrepreneurship and innovation. After all, prestigious analysis like the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report continue to rank... [More]
on February 23, 2009
Category:  Global 
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