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The State of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Today, we start the seven day countdown for the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, and I want to take the opportunity to highlight a nation where entrepreneurship is starting to bloom: Malaysia. Although not yet a start-up economy, the desire for entrepreneurship and innovation are there,... [More]
on April 19, 2010
Category:  Global 
Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join an extraordinary group of women entrepreneurs mostly from Saudi Arabia for a lunch at the home of the Honorable Esther Coopersmith.  All were both proud of their higher education in Saudi Arabia and had started companies in... [More]
on April 12, 2010
The State of Entrepreneurship in Egypt
Last June, President Obama announced in Cairo, Egypt that the U.S. government will host a Summit on Entrepreneurship to identify how we can deepen ties between leaders, foundations, and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Muslim communities around the world.  Throughout April leading up to the... [More]
on March 29, 2010
Category:  Global 
Global Entrepreneurship Policy Dialogues in Washington, DC
Washington, D.C, the capital of one of the most entrepreneurial economies and home to the largest international development organizations is alive for this, Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Policy events will focus, like others around the world, on the need to globally unleash a new wave of... [More]
on November 16, 2009
Category:  Global 
Cultural Capital for Entrepreneurs
The record number of pro-entrepreneurship legal and regulatory reforms in the past year among the economies studied by the World Bank’s Doing Business project is welcome news during a time of global economic recession. Prioritizing reforms and learning from global best practices hold enormous potential... [More]
on November 09, 2009
Category:  General  Global 
Big Ideas from "Green" Entrepreneurs?
The World Bank is looking for a few bright ideas from the next generation of "green" entrepreneurs. It is sponsoring an international essay contest for 18-25 year olds to share ideas for youth-led solutions to challenges posed by climate change. The challenge casts a... [More]
on February 11, 2009
Category:  Global 
Comparing Global Data on Entrepreneurship
As governments across the globe have become more aggressive in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, they have also increased their demand for new data about these phenomena. Responding to this demand, two well-known data sets---the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and the World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey---have... [More]
on January 14, 2009
The Secrets of High Growth Economies
What factors differentiate fast-growing national economies from the rest of the world? A new article in the World Bank’s Finance & Development magazine examines 13 national economies that have succeeded in growing at an average annual rate exceeding seven percent for at least 25... [More]
on January 02, 2009
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