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Business Lessons from Miles Davis

on April 20, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

If you’re a jazz fan, chances are you’re also a fan of Miles Davis’ seminal 1959 album, Kind of Blue. In honor of the album’s fiftieth anniversary, a group of Harvard Business School researchers sought to tease out some business lessons from the recording

They point to Kind of Blue as a real radical innovation, i.e. one that moved jazz music into a new realm. They note that Davis embraced "radical simplicity" with this record. Instead of continuing to produce more accomplished and more technically demanding jazz, Davis encouraged his band to loosen up and become more open and improvisational. This experience offers many useful lessons for how managers can best tap into creative talent in a way that nurtures innovation and creativity--and how communities can turn to its entrepreneurs.

Article: "Kind of Blue: Pushing Boundaries with Miles Davis"

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