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Exploring Innovation Clusters

on August 31, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

The OECD has a new publication exploring the challenges OECD countries now face in sustainingtheir positions and the lessons for other places seeking to build successfulclusters. Titled “Clusters, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, the book addresses the followingquestions: What are the key factors forcluster success?  What problems are emerging on the horizon? Which is theappropriate role of the public sector in supporting the expansion of clustersand overcoming the obstacles?

This new publication analyzes in depth seven majorinnovation and entrepreneurship clusters: Grenoble in France, Vienna inAustria, Waterloo in Canada, Dunedin in New Zealand, Medicon Valley inScandinavia, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, and Madison, Wisconsin, in theUnited States. Finally, the book also puts forward a set of policyrecommendations geared to the broader context of cluster development.

Tags:  oecd, clusters, france, austria, canada, new zealand, uk, madison, wisconsin

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