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Innovation in North Carolina
North Carolina has done a good job of building a strong innovation economy, particularly as it relates to world-class educational institutions and a capable workforce. But, as a new report sponsored by the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology notes, the state cannot simply... [More]
on January 13, 2009
Entrepreneurial Development in Texas
For the past several years, Momentum Texas, a Dallas-based economic development entity, has been involved in an effort to encourage entrepreneurship in five Texas cities: Abilene, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Lubbock, and Tyler. The Texas Entrepreneurship Initiative (TEI) sought to work with community leaders in... [More]
on January 13, 2009
Digital Transformation via Economic Stimulus
Invest $30 billion in America’s information technology (IT) infrastructure, and you may create as many as 949,000 jobs. That’s the bottom line number for a new economic stimulus package proposed last week by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). ITIF researchers argue that the... [More]
on January 12, 2009
NIST Needs You!
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and its Technology Innovation Program (TIP) are looking for some good ideas. They have recently announced a call for White Papers from all interested parties who have thoughts and suggestions for “critical national needs” that could be... [More]
on January 10, 2009
Hot New Student-Based Innovations
The latest issue of The New York Times’ Education Life supplement contains an interesting look at the growth of entrepreneurship education on college campuses. As part of this article, Education Life also lists “23 Bright Ideas,” i.e., interesting inventions and innovations developed by current college... [More]
on January 10, 2009
The Power of Educational Benchmarking
If the US hopes to maintain an international leadership position in education and human capital, it needs to do a better job of learning from other countries, societies, and institutions that often do a better job of preparing young people to prosper in the... [More]
on January 09, 2009
Quality Management and the Bottom Line
There are lots of interesting theories and methodologies about effective business management practices, but, in many cases, there’s not a lot of on-the-ground evidence that these so-called “best practices” make a firm more profitable.¬† New research from Harvard Business School takes a hard look... [More]
on January 08, 2009
Which State Is the Most Conducive to Entrepreneurship?
Which state is the most entrepreneurial? How about the most innovative? Business friendly? Just plain ready for the 'New Economy'? Obviously the answers depend on the methodology employed to find them -- and there are certainly differences from one study to the next. If... [More]
on January 07, 2009
Paying Taxes
What regions of the world are the most business-friendly when it comes to corporate taxation policies? A new PricewaterhouseCoopers study, Paying Taxes 2009, benchmarks how 181 countries stack up on three key tax policy-related metrics: 1) The total tax rate, 2) The time taken to comply... [More]
on January 02, 2009
The Secrets of High Growth Economies
What factors differentiate fast-growing national economies from the rest of the world? A new article in the World Bank’s Finance & Development magazine examines 13 national economies that have succeeded in growing at an average annual rate exceeding seven percent for at least 25... [More]
on January 02, 2009

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