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Rebuilding an Infrastructure Needs Entrepreneurs

on June 08, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

Shovel ready (adj.): Ready for immediate commencement of excavation and construction

Initial reports on President Obama's stimulus package have introduced a new expression into our everyday language. While only intended as a criteria for government spending, "shovel ready" brings back images of the public works programs created under FDR's New Deal. This week, I explore what will be required to rebuild our nation's deteriorating infrastructure.

Here is the lead:

Cost-effective physical infrastructures provide the essential platforms for the activities of any healthy economy. Modern infrastructure should be increasingly “smart,” incorporating next-generation technologies to manage scarce resources, such as clean air and water, used in infrastructure systems. As our leaders invest stimulus funds devoted to infrastructure projects, it is important that they not overlook the role of entrepreneurs in building infrastructure that supports creative, risk-taking behavior.

Now read the rest.

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