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Innovation in the States: Arizona

on March 09, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

In 2006, a host of Arizona-based business groups helped create the Science Foundation Arizona (SFAZ), as a statewide effort to diversify Arizona's economy by promoting science and technology. What seemed like a good idea in 2006 has become a harder sell in the face of Arizona's economic crash and program opponents are pressing to end this effort.

SFAZ is fighting back, and recently released an evaluation of its statewide impacts and the overall health of the state's technology sector. While SFAZ has only been in full operations for two years, its investments are already helping to drive new technological innovations. And, this kind of support will be needed as Arizona performs in the middle range on various innovation performance measures highlighted in the report. Arizona lags other states in key areas such as the growth of technology businesses, growth in university research spending, and in the performance of its K-12 educational system.

Report: 'Winning in the Knowledge Based Economy: Tracking the Performance of Arizona's Technology Sector and the Arizona Science Foundation' by Battelle 

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