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Unlock Entrepreneurship Through Health Care Reform

on May 18, 2009 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

As the president of the Public Forum Institute, I have been actively engaged in health care economics for more than 15 years. After facilitating hundreds of town halls aimed at finding common ground, I can attest that whoever leads the charge makes as many enemies as friends. And while it is never going to be easy, it's becoming increasingly important to come up with a solution. Double-digit increases in the cost of health care and other challenges impact us all -- and they also act as a barrier to entrepreneurship. This week's essay urges would-be reformers to take into consideration how changes would specifically impact our nation's entrepreneurs and economic well-being.

Here is the lead:

President Obama has been bringing together leaders with diverse views for discussions on how to achieve the goals of lowering health care costs, expanding coverage and improving quality. As health care reform moves forward, policymakers should also evaluate the effects of health care reform, particular the health insurance system, on entrepreneurship.

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