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Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Revived

on August 16, 2010 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

Eliminated by the previous administration, the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) will soon reemerge.  The U.S. Department of Energy announced recently plans to reestablished SEAB under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. Serving as an independent advisory committee to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the twelve-member board is comprised of scientists, business executives, academics and former government officials.

A news release from DOE says the new SEAB “will provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary on the Department’s basic and applied research, economic and national security policy, educational issues, operational issues and other activities as directed by the Secretary.”

The release also states meeting will be held at least twice a year or as needed. Subcommittees are also expected to form to assist with the work.

Here are the new SEAB members and their affiliations:

  • Norman Augustine, former chair and CEO, Lockheed Martin; former Under Secretary for the Army 
  • Ralph Cicerone, president of National Academy of Sciences
  • John Deutch, MIT chemist; former Under Secretary of Energy
  • Nicholas Donofrio, former EVP of Innovation and Technology, IBM
  • Alexis Herman, former Secretary of Labor
  • Chad Holliday Jr., former CEO of Dupont
  • Michael McQuade, senior VP of United Technologies Corp.
  • William Perry, former Secretary of Defense; Stanford University Professor
  • Arthur Rosenfeld, former commissioner of California Energy Commission
  • Susan Tierney, managing principle of Analysis Group
  • Steven Westly, managing partner of Westly Group
  • Daniel Yergin, president of Cambridge Energy Research Associates

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