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VC Outlook for 2010 and Beyond

on January 04, 2010 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship


2010 will see a gradual increase in investment levels and exit transactions according to Venture View 2010, the annual year-end survey by the National Venture Capital Association. Sixty-three percent of all respondents expect venture investment dollar levels to remain the same or increase from 2009. Half of the respondents predict more companies will receive venture financing, while one-third believes the number of portfolio companies will remain the same. Clean tech continues to be a trendy selection, topping the list as 54 percent of VCs surveyed forecast higher investment levels in that arena for 2010. Other positive industries identified include: internet (46 percent); media & entertainment (33 percent; and, software (32 percent). 

However, despite the modest optimism, most felt that the venture capital industry as a whole would begin to contract. In fact, an overwhelming 90 percent predict that the number of VC firms will decline over the next five years with three-quarters predicting a contraction of anywhere between 1 - 30 percent.

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