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'Ice House' Program Battle Hardship with Entrepreneurship

on August 22, 2011

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010, the Kauffman Foundation launched “Who Owns the Ice House?” a two-part learning project designed to inspire and engage the next generation in the unlimited opportunities that an entrepreneurial mindset can provide. The program consists of a book that shares timeless lessons from the life experiences of Clifton Taulbert (successful entrepreneur and acclaimed author) while growing up in the segregated South; as well as an online course that features first-hand experiences of individuals who have overcome tremendous challenges by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Last week, Kauffman’s Thom Ruhe announced that the Huffington Post will be featuring an eight-part series on the book & online course – examining each of Uncle Cleve’s eight life-lessons:

Each week, we'll look at the world through the eyes of an "Ice House Entrepreneur" who will describe in their own words the opportunities they found, the challenges they faced and, more importantly, the mindset that enabled them to succeed.

The series starts this week. While you are waiting for the first installment, you can watch an overview on the program.

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