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Kauffman to Air PSA During Super Bowl

on January 30, 2012

For years, anticipation surrounding what commercials would play during the Super Bowl has almost matched that of the game itself. Some spots—like 1984’s Apple: 1984 or 2003’s Terry Tate: Office Linebacker—have so much staying power that you can probably close your eyes and picture them still today (before clicking on the links to watch them on YouTube, of course).

Today, the Kauffman Foundation unveiled its 30-second PSA that will air on Sunday during Super Bowl XLVI—Will It Be You?

The PSA highlights entrepreneurs' contributions to the economy, job creation and innovation. It also challenges viewers to consider turning their own ideas into businesses by directing them to, a Kauffman website that provides would-be founders with resources to help them get their plans moving—whether they are seeking inspiration, mentoring, networking, or other assistance.

"As jobs and the economy take center stage this election year, the Kauffman Foundation wants both policymakers and the public to be aware of the importance of entrepreneurs to solving our economic crisis," said Wendy Guillies, Kauffman"s vice president of communications. "The most-watched television event of the year is the ideal opportunity for Kauffman to inspire entrepreneurs and, in the spirit of Super Bowl advertising, to do so in a fun and accessible manner."

The 30-second PSA, which employs the same animated illustration style used in the Kauffman Foundation's popular Sketchbook series, outlines the growth of a simple idea into a successful business and ends with a call to action for viewers. It will run in some of the nation's largest television markets—New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Kansas City. In addition to airing on television during the Super Bowl, the PSA is available on the Kauffman Foundation's YouTube channel.

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