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What Next for Startup Weekenders?

on November 05, 2012

The next two weekends will see thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs working frantically in more than 130 cities at Startup Weekend events as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Participants will spend 54 sleep-deprived hours working with a team of strangers on an idea that might just be the next big thing. On Sunday night, some teams will win their local competition—many more will not. But that isn’t the end of the line for either.

On November 28, Startup Weekend NEXT will launch in more than 25 cities. The program is a four week follow on course—courtesy of Steve Blank’s Lean Launch Pad curriculum and Udacity’s modular platform—combined with local mentors and leaders from TechStars and Startup America.

The curriculum focuses on three things:

  • How to design a business model for a startup
  • How to act on that business model to develop a real customer base
  • How to develop through iterative and incremental engineering

The partners estimate that NEXT will grow to reach 30,000 entrepreneurs from 10,000 early-stage starups in more than 350 cities worldwide.

"Startup Weekend's Next program and the Lean LaunchPad curriculum are based on the premise that we have cracked the code for early-stage entrepreneurship," says Startup Weekend CEO Marc Nager. "While we don't know how to make a startup become the next Google or Facebook, we now know how to teach founders how to dramatically reduce their failure rate through the combination of business model design, customer development and agile development. We believe it is the new standard for startup success," he adds.

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