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on June 23, 2014 Source: Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

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Trade policy and its impact on innovation in the U.S. gets a look on both sides of Capitol Hill this week. The House Judiciary Committee examines trade secret protection while the Senate Finance Committee explores trade rules to "level the playing field for U.S. companies and workers." Immigration is the topic in a couple committee hearings but they are focused on the problem of unaccompanied minors crossing the border rather than on anything related to high-skilled entrepreneurs -- which gives you a pretty good idea of where the immigration debate stands. Other topics covered by hearings include: digital health care, data mining and privacy, music licensing in a digital world, small energy businesses and more. 


Trade Secrets: Promoting & Protecting American Innovation, Competitiveness and Market Access in Foreign Markets
House Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet
2141 Rayburn HOB
Tuesday, June 24
1:30 pm

21st Century Cures Roundtable: Digital Health Care
House Committee on Energy & Commerce
Subcommittee on Health
2123 Rayburn HOB
Tuesday, June 24
10:00 am

How Data Mining Threatens Student Privacy
House Committee on Homeland Security
Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies
311 Cannon HOB
Wednesday, June 25
11:00 am

Music Licensing Under Title 17, Part Two
House Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet
2141 Rayburn HOB
Wednesday, June 25
10:00 am

The New Domestic Energy Paradigm: Downstream Challenges for Small Energy Businesses
House Committee on Small Business
Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade
2360 Rayburn HOB
Thursday, June 26
10:00 am


Dreams Deferred: Young Workers and Recent Graduates in the U.S. Economy
Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
Subcommittee on Economic Policy
538 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Wednesday, June 25
2:30 pm

Trade Enforcement: Using Trade Rules to Level the Playing Field for U.S. Companies and Workers
Senate Committee on Finance
215 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Wednesday, June 25
2:00 pm

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