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Cameron Cushman

A New Model for Development
During the last week of May, the Kauffman Foundation and the Command and General Staff College Foundation at Fort Leavenworth hosted a conference that sought to help build functioning economies in countries recovering from conflict or disaster. This new form of economic development, called expeditionary... [More]
on June 21, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Entrepreneurship as a Campaign Issue
As the United States gears up for the mid-term elections in November, it appears that entrepreneurship may be emerging as a campaign issue that candidates are embracing as a way to create jobs and bring America out of the Great Recession. But before I tackle that... [More]
on June 18, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Stand Up and Be Counted
By now, every American should be aware that the U.S. government is conducting its decennial census, as mandated by the Constitution. Since this only happens every ten years, every approach to counting the number of people living in the U.S. is completely different, especially with... [More]
on June 01, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Why Don't Entrepreneurs Run For Office?
In doing research for my most recent posts, I was reminded how few of our representatives come from entrepreneurial roots. In fact, almost 80 percent of the current United States Senate has been supported by the government (taxpayers) for their entire working lives. Lawyers make up 59 percent... [More]
on May 24, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Running to Save California
The race is on in California. Voters from the state that boasts the eighth largest economy in the world will go to the polls in November to decide who will succeed the embattled Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though California’s financial problems have been well-documented, two candidates... [More]
on May 17, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Entrepreneurs as Senate Candidates
So who will fill these empty Senate seats? Will the American people choose the real job creators in our economy to get our country hiring again? I thought I’d profile a couple of candidates with backgrounds in innovative high-growth companies that are running for office... [More]
on May 10, 2010
Category:  Digesting DC 
Bringing Change to Washington, Through Attrition
When Barack Obama was still a presidential candidate, he promised to change the way Washington worked. He was swept to power on this mantra of change accompanied by seemingly insurmountable majorities in both houses of Congress. But due to a multitude of factors, major membership... [More]
on May 03, 2010
Category:  Capitol Hill  General  Digesting DC 

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