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Jonathan Ortmans

Looking Back and Moving Ahead

As PDE prepares to expand in the fall and to move to kauffman.org, we look back today at ten of the most popular posts to date as we say farewell to entrepreneurship.org. Post a comment and let us know what you thought.

on August 25, 2014
Category:  General 
Paraguay Thirsty for 21st Century Education

A nation with a growing economy at the heart of South America is struggling to translate economic progress into development for its mostly young population. Ahead of the GEC2 in Croatia next month which will examine how tech entrepreneurs can globally accelerate improvements in education, I look at the factors holding back Paraguay’s young population as agents of prosperity and sustained economic growth.

on August 18, 2014
Category:  Education  Global 
Young Entrepreneurs Rebranding Africa

President Obama's summit last week with African leaders in Washington, D.C., when not distracted by the Ebola outbreak, focused as expected on investment opportunities for American businesses in the energy sector. And yet, it was clear the nature of our interface is changing forever on the continent where a new generation of African job creators and their startups are the driving phenomenon in Africa’s growth trajectory.

on August 11, 2014
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
Macedonia Places Its Bet on Entrepreneurship Education

My blog post last Monday on disrupting entrepreneurship education prompted several people to reach out to me with comments about progress being made in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – somewhere I had not previously viewed as bastion of entrepreneurship. As part of our ongoing discussions about the region leading up to the GEC2 in nearby Croatia, I decided to dig further into what Macedonia is trying to test for the Balkan region.

on August 04, 2014
Category:  Global  Education 
Entrepreneurs Called to Disrupt Education

Skill shortages are a roadblock for high-growth enterprises in many startup ecosystems. Below, I look at how entrepreneurs around the world are tackling this challenge, and how the research community has begun to measure their success ahead of the upcoming GEC2, a global gathering focused on smarter policies for entrepreneurial learning which I will co-host with President Ivo Josipović of Croatia September 22 – 26, 2014.

on July 28, 2014
Category:  Education 
Educating Australia's Leadership

Unable to join a youth entrepreneurship conference in Sydney, Australia, this week, I used the saved travel time to engage virtually in the conversations and to take a look at the entrepreneurship ecosystem “Down Under” that has been making a lot of noise up and over the world during the last five years.

on July 21, 2014
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
A Mindset Shift in Mexico

As I head to Mexico City this week, I reflect on the progress this ecosystem has demonstrated over the past few years in a quest to become a globally-recognized hub for entrepreneurs.

on July 14, 2014
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
Maximizing Dividends from Female Entrepreneurs

Those of us living in the United States are reminded each Independence Day of the many blessings we enjoy in terms of equality and individual liberty. The level of cultural capital for entrepreneurs is obviously linked to a nation’s cultural norms, stigmas and role models – or lack thereof. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of female entrepreneurship where unaddressed challenges allow women’s creativity, problem-solving capacity and even key science and technology skills to lay idle in our societies.

on July 07, 2014
Category:  General 
From the Entrepreneurs' Garage to the Dinner Table

Entrepreneurs around the world are driving a new agricultural revolution to address the world’s dual food security and environmental challenges through sustainable agriculture technology, or “AgTech”. We need many more of them.

on June 30, 2014
Category:  Global 
What’s Ahead for China’s Entrepreneurs?
When China implemented its first economic reforms in 1978, the government accounted for more than 90 percent of GDP. By 2005, public sector contributions to GDP represented less than 50 percent. Does this mean entrepreneurs are thriving? [More]
on June 23, 2014
Category:  Global 

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