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Jonathan Ortmans

Angel Investors Spread their Wings
Referred to as “mentor financing”, business angels continue to make great contributions to startups. Last week, I talked with some of them in Washington, DC, about the latest trends in angel investor pools outside the United States. Encouraged by improving policy frameworks, I found that they are now spreading their wisdom and seed capital to new parts of the world.
on March 31, 2014
National Boundaries are Porous for Global Entrepreneurs

I have just returned from the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) where this year over 5,000 people gathered from 153 countries to talk about starting and scaling new firms.  Of note this year was the fact that the gathering was held in Moscow at a time of  geopolitical tension around Crimea. Given that the Olympics in Sochi attracted less than 100 nations, the GEC last week provided clear evidence of the powerful role entrepreneurs now play on the global stage.

on March 24, 2014
Category:  Global 
A Global Voice for Entrepreneurship
As the day starts in Washington, DC, we are concluding the first of day of the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Congress . The entrepreneurship communities from 153 countries gathered to bond on their common cause to unleash new ideas, remove roadblocks and solve problems in almost every imaginable realm.  Following a welcome from Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the GEC kicked off with thousands of delegates at the Research + Policy Summit.  [More]
on March 17, 2014
Category:  Global 
Latin American Startup Champions Gear Up for Moscow Gathering

Of the nearly 4,000 delegates from 153 nations signed up for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) next week in Moscow, a large number are traveling from Latin America. The region’s startup ecosystems are now firmly part of the global entrepreneurship grid and with such strong delegations expected from cities like Medellín, Santiago and Buenos Aires, it is clear they don’t want there to be any doubt around the world about it. 

on March 10, 2014
Category:  Global 
Uzbekistan's Post-Soviet Rebranding

Turmoil in Ukraine prompted me to take a look at the entrepreneurial health of some other post-Soviet nations in the region. This week, we take a look at Uzbekistan.

on March 03, 2014
Category:  Global 
The Next Chapter for America’s Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda

With the economy finally gaining steam after four years of a stop-and-start recovery, the Kauffman Foundation kicked off its “America's New Entrepreneurial Growth Initiative” at the fifth annual State of Entrepreneurship Address. The main output will be a New Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda by early 2016.

on February 24, 2014
Category:  Capitol Hill  Growth & Poverty  Immigration 
Can Our Governors Rescue Immigration Reform?

It has now been more than a year since the United States Congress restarted efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws. Despite expected resistance from conservatives, the effort looked promising initially, with strong support from business, labor and President Obama. It was disappointing news for many when John Boehner, Speaker of the House of U.S. Representatives, conceded last week in a news conference that it is going to be politically difficult to move the overhaul forward this year.

on February 10, 2014
Category:  Capitol Hill  Immigration 
Starting Up Africa

While startup cities are just emerging, there are smart and sophisticated steps being taken to develop healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems across the African continent. I take a look at one such collaboration, LIONS@FRICA, that promises to set a new example of how the willing can better help in Africa.

on February 03, 2014
Category:  Global  Growth & Poverty 
Italian Resolve

This week, I am on the ground in Italy where startup savvy policymakers are experimenting with new policies as fast as their startups are testing disruptive ideas. Both are racing in tandem to restore sustained economic growth to the Italian economy.

on January 27, 2014
Category:  Global 
Washington Wants to Reorganize to Serve Entrepreneurs
New legislation introduced this month in the Senate could turn what was anticipated to be a sleepy start on Capitol Hill for entrepreneurship advocates into a fresh look at how Washington, DC, helps entrepreneurs and new firms.
on January 13, 2014
Category:  Capitol Hill 

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