Mark Marich

Mark_Marich PF

Mark Marich is the executive vice president of the Public ForumInstitute. Since 1998, Marich has provided communications leadership on several national initiatives and more than 100 public forums covering a wide range of policy issues, including: entrepreneurial growth & economic development; health care; renewable energy;telecommunications; regulatory reform; and, workforce development.

For the past five years, Marich has served as the editor of PDE-news (formerly NDE-news), the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship's electronic newsletter that goes out weekly to roughly 20,000 subscribers in 96 countries.

Recently, he has been instrumental in the development and direction of Global Entrepreneurship Week,an initiative to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs. In t two years, roughly ten million people in 88 countries took part in activities to inspire young people around the world to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity -- unleashing new ideas and helping turn them into reality.


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