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Lock in Your Gains: Craig Wortmann's Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

At this point in your "marathon," January is coming to a close and you are feeling tired. In a real marathon, this is where bad habits can re-emerge. You think "I'll just slow down for a mile and then speed up again" or "I don't really belong in this group of runners." Don't let that happen. Instead, lock in your gains.

Craig Wortmann on January 29, 2015
Founders School
Stretch Yourself: Craig Wortmann's Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

You've settled into a fast but sustainable pace. Your running group is holding together, but just as in a real marathon, everyone is starting to become inwardly focused. You are hurting a bit, and still looking at miles and miles to come.

Craig Wortmann on January 23, 2015
Founders School
Find Your Running Buddies: Craig Wortmann's Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

In our metaphorical marathon, the crowd has begun to thin a bit. And you are starting to see the same people around you. This can be a very powerful thing in a long race. Your group can sustain you, motivate you and help you along.

Craig Wortmann on January 15, 2015
Founders School
"And They're Off!" Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

For high-performing entrepreneurs, a new year feels a bit like the excitement you feel at the start of a marathon. You've dreamt about it. You've told your friends. You've trained. You've got the right shoes! Most importantly, you've made a commitment to go the distance.

Craig Wortmann on January 09, 2015
Founders School
The Art of Data: Deciding the Business Metrics that are Most Important for Your Company to Measure and Monitor

Let's talk about data. Not Big Data. Your performance data.

Entrepreneurs hear a lot about vision and passion. About being lean and about pivoting. About customers and canvases. But we don't talk a lot about measuring and monitoring the critical business factors that will determine your success or failure. Maybe because it's hard, or maybe because it's boring.

Bill Reichert on January 08, 2015
Founders School
Definition: Board of directors

A board of directors is made up of representatives of the stockholders in a company.

Christina Sherwood on December 31, 2014
How an advisory team can help with hiring

The co-founders at Hale Health, a startup designing a remote care platform for doctors and patients, needed a technical expert to round out their founding team. But without engineering backgrounds, the co-founders didn't think they had the skills necessary to properly evaluate candidates.

Christina Sherwood on December 30, 2014
How do I choose titles for team members?

Don't get wrapped up in titles when building your team.

Christina Sherwood on December 29, 2014
Definition: Term sheet

A term sheet is a document outlining the basics of a possible business relationship.

Christina Sherwood on December 26, 2014
How one healthcare startup found a key partner

@Point of Care, a platform that aids the collaborative decision-making process for clinicians and patients, needed a partner to take it to the next level.

Christina Sherwood on December 23, 2014