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Innovation = Job Creation, it's a simple equation.
We are currently narrowing a field of 30 applicants for 12 available Postdoctoral Researcher/Entrepreneurship Fellowships. The basic premise is that we are selecting a dozen incredibly bright folks from science, technology, engineering and medical fields, and we are going to help them accelerate their... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 31, 2009
A Different Kind of “Pitching:” Curt Schilling on Entrepreneurship
The roads that lead people to entrepreneurship are often as varied as the college campuses, Wall Street, Hollywood, basements and garages through which they wind – and sometimes even lead through Major League Baseball. Such has been the unlikely path of former MVP and All-Star pitcher, Curt... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 30, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 7/27/2009
BusinessWeek shares the results of a new study on what makes entrepreneurs tick - and the answer may surprise you.  American Public Media research says the average tech-company founder is 39 and entrepreneurs over 50 outnumber those under 25 by a two-to-one margin. Marketplaces' Jeff Tyler... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 27, 2009
Question: What is “Startup Culture?”
In a report this month from the Kauffman Foundation, entitled "The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur," 66.2 percent of respondents viewed “the appeal of a startup culture” as an important, very important, or extremely important motivation in becoming an entrepreneur. But what exactly is “startup... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 22, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 7/20/2009
Entrepreneurs are defying the recession in New Orleans, LA.  "Even beyond the employment opportunities created by ongoing reconstruction projects, an explosion of entrepreneurialism... is incubating a re-birth of this historic city."  From The Atlantic magazine. What does Barry Ritholtz think has the potential to be... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 20, 2009
Entrepreneurial Justice
Judicial activism, Roe Vs. Wade, civil rights, constitutional interpretation – these are all topics that Judge Sonia Sotomayor has been grilled on in determining her fitness to sit on our nation’s highest court. Pretty much since the nomination of Judge Robert Bork, the confirmation... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 16, 2009
If at first you don’t succeed… you might be an entrepreneur.
First calling entrepreneurs lazy, and now saying they’re failures, too?  We seem to be going down a dangerous path of late on this blog.  But the notion of “The Acceptance of Failure as a Spur to Innovation,” isn’t something of my creation – it’s... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 15, 2009
Entrepreneurship News Round-Up: Week of 7/13/2009
Fast Company explains How the Tech Boom Terminated California's Economy and that the boom and subsequent, inevitable bust are the real causes of our economic malaise.  Dr. Jeff Cornwall shares an article by John Tozzi at Business Week on the benefits of opening your... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 13, 2009
Entrepreneurs are... lazy?
I’ve seen it argued that “laziness” is one of the most essential traits of some successful entrepreneurs because it leads them to innovate.  They don’t complacently accept “the way it’s done,” if they can figure out an easier, faster way to get the same result. ... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 10, 2009
Speaking at the 18th Annual Congress of the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) in Fez, Morocco
  People from 30+ countries, speaking multiple languages, sharing diverse cultures, coming together around one theme – entrepreneurship. So it was recently when I had the opportunity to address the 18th Annual Congress of the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), in Fez,... [More]
Thom Ruhe
on July 08, 2009

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