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iStart Launches New Profiles Features

Posted by: Thom Ruhe on August 15, 2011 Source: e360 Blog

iStart, the leading online community for business competitions, has added some valuable functionality that makes it even easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to tell the story of their great idea. Below is the official release announcing the details.

iStart Business Profiles
Now More Accessible, Interactive
Aspiring entrepreneurs can showcase more of their business ideas to build a stronger online community

iStart LogoAspiring entrepreneurs can now showcase more of their businesses online to build a stronger network of resources, get constructive feedback, and meet potential partners thanks to the enhanced profiles feature just launched on iStart, the leading online community for business competitions.

Entrepreneurs can post what they need to start or grow their businesses, including funding, mentoring, marketing analysis, human resources, legal help, and hiring.

Profiles can include video or slides that provide additional information about the company and business idea. Registered users of iStart can view the business profiles and have additional contact with the entrepreneurs by clicking through the profile to “like” the company on Facebook, share information with others, and email the company founder.

iStart, a program of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, currently has more than 1,300 profiles with business ideas posted by entrepreneurs from 44 countries. The profiles come from entrepreneurs who typically have participated in a business competition, which are frequently hosted by a college or university. Using a question-and-answer format, the profiles provide idea-generating information about the business’s customer base, the solution the product provides, and the key features and competitive advantages the product offers.

Learn more about the profile feature by clicking on “Startup Ideas” at www.istart.org.

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