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Think you have a great idea for a new co? Then go find talent to join you.

Posted by: Lesa Mitchell on May 23, 2011 Source: e360 Blog

There is a myth out there about the sole entrepreneur who has the idea, starts the company and gets rich.  While there might be cases where this does happen – more frequently there is a team of two, three or four individuals.  You can read about these stories in Jessica Livingston's Founders At Work and David Thomson's BluePrint to a Billion.  I would like to encourage all single inventor idea guys or gals to think about finding team mates that can broaden your network, bring more ideas and actually help implement your dream of a new company.  There are places you can actually go to look for your team mates.  Startup Digest has the most extensive list of "co-founders wanted", Tech Starts web site, even #jobs on twitter will find individuals looking for early stage team members.  Additionally our own Kauffman Foundation platform iStart.org, you can search ideas that have been vetted, submitted and sometimes won national business plan competitions.  Find an idea that you like and contact the entrepreneur to discuss potential collaborations.  Part of your success as an entrepreneur will be your ability to sell other people on your idea.  Test that out by finding a startup team mate.

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