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Entrepreneurship Policy Experts: Weigh In

Cameron Cushman on September 20, 2011 Source: e360 Blog

The Kauffman Foundation is in search of experts on high growth entrepreneurship policy to help create a global policy roadmap for advancing entrepreneurship. Weigh in with your thoughts on policies that facilitate entrepreneurship, ways to remove regulatory barriers for entrepreneurs, or any topic pertaining to global policy and entrepreneurship.

Your abstract will be considered for a presentation during a research and policy roundtable discussion at the Kauffman Foundation-sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Congress from March 11-12, 2012 in Liverpool, UK. The roundtable will focus on international issues for high growth firms, providing input into the potential development of a global policy “roadmap” for creating the right environment for building and scaling high-growth firms.

If you’re interested in participating, please submit an abstract online. The deadline to submit is 5pm CDT, Wednesday, October 31, 2011. If your paper is selected, you’ll be invited to the roundtable event and the GEC. You can also visit the Kauffman site for more information.

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