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eMed Blog: Tips for Entrepreneurs Working with Universities

Like many entrepreneurs, those in the life science space are partnering with universities to bring new products to market. Read some of Dan Emerson's tips for entrepreneurs on working with universities.

Thom Ruhe
on August 1, 2012
Three Things Google Didn't Address in Their Announcement Last Week

Last week's announcement detailing the rollout of Google's fiber optic network had the feel of a Silicon Valley big-time new product launch. It was definitely a big deal for Kansas City on both sides of the state line. Most importantly, information flowed copiously from Google about the details of their project—a welcome relief from the hitherto tight-lipped tech giant. The Google Fiber announcement lived up to the initial promise to deliver gigabit Internet speeds over a fiber optic network to homes at competitive prices.

Cameron Cushman
on July 31, 2012
Dispelling the Myth of the Zuckerberg Entrepreneur

When you hear the word entrepreneur, what kind of image does your mind conjure up? If it’s a Mark Zuckerberg look-a-like pouring out HTML code in an Ivy League dorm room, you’re probably not alone. But you’re not exactly picturing the masses.

Thom Ruhe
on July 12, 2012
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