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A Stroll through Startup Village

Thom Ruhe on May 20, 2013 Source: e360 Blog

A lone startup that had set up shop in a house on a nondescript Kansas City block has some new neighbors. In less than one year—with the recent installation of Google Fiber serving as a potential catalyst—that same block is now home to a dense pocket of startup activity and has been duly dubbed the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV).

I took a stroll through this rising entrepreneur neighborhood in Hanover Heights with Brittain Kovac, Ambassador for KCSV, to learn more about the organic growth of this movement and to meet some of the many young, entrepreneurial tech companies that are benefiting from the innovative, collaborative energy freely flowing in and out of these homes.

Moving from house to house—from a KCSV member houses that’s home to four local upstarts, to the FiberHouse (the home Brad Feld purchased to let entrepreneurs live and work in rent free), and passing by Ben Barreth’s Homes for Hackers along the way—I was amazed by the energy I felt simply walking the streets of this entrepreneurial hub. Amazing things are happening in such a refreshingly organic way in this village and its emergence and growth is quite spectacular.

Follow me on the tour of KCSV to see what the buzz—and trust me, there is buzz—is all about.

Tags:  Kansas City Startup Village, Brad Feld, FiberHouse, Ben Barreth, Homes for Hackers

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