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Chamber of Commerce Experiments with Entrepreneurs

Thom Ruhe on April 07, 2014 Source: e360 Blog

Not long ago, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce decided that it wanted to position the community as the most entrepreneurial city in America. And after almost three years, Kansas City is making strides to achieve this goal.

This episode of "Top of Mind" highlights the "Access for Entrepreneurs" program, which is the initiative the Greater Kansas City Chamber is using to stake its claim.  While entrepreneurs don’t generally think of chambers as helpful places for startups, this chamber is challenging that paradigm and creating an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to interact with seasoned entrepreneurs and hear their stories, ask questions and share their own successes and failures.

The result of the Chamber’s venture has been phenomenal.  “Access for Entrepreneurs” brings together two groups who don’t normally cross paths so that they can connect and learn from each other through “cross pollination.”  See why both new entrepreneurs and seasoned executives are benefitting from participating in the initiative.   

The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce has decided to extended the program for another season in 2014.

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