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How To Better Answer the Question 'What Do You Do?'

Amanda Schnieders on April 24, 2014 Source: e360 Blog

Amanda SchniedersIt happens to everyone in business. You meet someone new who asks you what you do. And before you know it, you've rambled on only to find that rather than piquing the asker's interest in your business, you've left him or her bewildered and confused--and maybe even just a little bit sorry they asked.

So, how do you create a WOW statement? It is sometimes also referred to as an "elevator speech"--that pithy statement about what you do that you can convey in the time it takes for the elevator doors to close, move a few floors and the doors to open again. Finding the essence of what you do and winnowing that down into a simple, clear and compelling statement that makes people want to know more is no easy task. Being in the throes of your operation day-in and day-out and managing endless details can sometimes make the task even harder.

In this segment of Kauffman Founders School, founders learn where they can find inspiration for creating their WOW statements. This session provides three very unconventional resources for capturing the essence of your business and sharing it with others in an engaging way.  

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