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Top of Mind's 5 Must-Read Articles in Entrepreneurship

Taylor Brown on August 15, 2014 Source: e360 Blog

Taylor BrownTechnology of the future is unbounded. With the rise of the third technology revolution--the fusion of computing, communication and sensing--it seems anything's possible. Basically, if it can fit into a sensor, the applications are endless. And the range of technology emerging from the explosion of sensor development is vast.

Last week an article on Entrepreneur.com shared three very unique ways in which smart, sensor-based technology is colliding with the fashion world. The three examples, clothes that charge your devices, a hoodie for social media junkies, and a dress that can pour you a drink, are pretty cool.

WearableTech_SportsBraBut this third revolution doesn’t stop with "cool". Makers of a sensor-enabled sports bra that finds cancer by detecting tiny metabolic temperature changes caused by cancerous cells in a tumor recently raised half a million dollars. And last year a company on Indiegogo raised close to its $25,000 goal to commercialize its smart diapers, which monitor urinary tract infections, prolonged dehydration, and developing kidney problems.

The most ambitious predicted impact of sensors is talked about in The New York Times bestselling novel, Abundance. The book details how enabling this revolution can lead the elimination of major global problems in one generation—issues like hunger, lack of clean water and air, and lack of energy. According to the authors, this will take 45 trillion new sensors, many of which are not yet developed. But with a worldwide movement called The Trillion Sensors Initiative out to accelerate the new sensor development cycle, the world just might see these innovative technologies that can hopefully solve our global problems. And while we’re at it, we’ll notify the world of our progress through Twitter by tugging on our hoodies.

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9 Ways to Manage Underperforming Employees        

Employees are everything, especially in a startup environment. Check out this article for 9 tips on how to get underperforming employees re-engaged at work.

Small Firms Hit by Big Changes in Health Coverage

Earlier this year, thousands of U.S. small business owners were kicked off of their small business plans. Employer now means having two-full time employees (not including your spouse). Nearly 78% of approximately 28 million small businesses in the U.S. have zero employees. Today these business owners must seek coverage as an individual or they will face charges. There are affordable plans in the individual market. However, there are less benefits and premiums are often higher.

Shifts in U.S. Trading Partners From 1984 to the Present       

The U.S. hasn’t shifted dramatically in its trading partners. However, China has increasingly become one of its biggest importers and exporters. Canada buys the most U.S. exports. Mexico and Canada have some of the highest imports mainly because of its proximity to the U.S. as well as trade agreements. Check out the graphs in the article to get more information.

3 Unusual Ways Smart Tech Meets Fashion

Wearable tech is becoming all of the rage. Some of it is useful, while other clothing is more novelty. Here are three cool examples of wearable tech. This article includes three unusual ways nano technology is merging with fashion.

  1. Clothes that can charge your devices.
  2. A hoodie for social media junkies.
  3. This dress can pour you a drink.

The Hot Startups in the DreamIt Ventures NYC Class of 2014

Here is a list of some of the hottest startups in NYC.

Acorn: Users can set location-triggered reminders and messages to themselves

Balloon: Impromptu app where get togethers are made easier

Bar & Club Stats: ID scanning app and applies demographic measurements as well to target customers

Read the article to learn about the rest.

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