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Top of Mind's 5 Must-Read Articles in Entrepreneurship

Taylor Brown on July 25, 2014 Source: e360 Blog

Taylor BrownThe importance of vacations is well documented. Studies show that some quality leisure time is a definite stress buffer . . . not to mention a depression and anxiety reducer, a positive mood increaser, and a self-esteem improver. And those mental health benefits yield some physical benefits as well, since chronic stress can take its toll on the body's ability to resist infections and maintain vital functions. In fact, studies show that annual holidays cut the risk of heart attacks in men by 30 percent and by 50 percent in women. That's one powerful vacation.

And that's just the advantage to the employee. Employers benefit from their vacationing workers too. Time off makes a staffer better upon return, with vacations boosting energy reserves and increasing performance, with reaction times going up 40 percent. Basically, vacations (two-week vacations to be exact) combat burn out.

But do you think all those studies accounted for vacationers who aren’t fully taking a vacation? An article last week brought up the reality of today’s “vacation,” citing that all too often, people on break are still very much working through technology. Email follows you almost everywhere, Twitter never sleeps, and deadlines don’t care that you’re trying to relax on the beach. Given the mental and physical health benefits of a week or two away, it’s sad that American’s rank dead last when it comes to taking time off. And when we do, we don’t even do it right (disconnected). But there is help. The first piece below offers tips to hopefully unplug enough to reap some of the benefits that time away has on your body and mind.

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The Right Way to Unplug When You’re on Vacation

When on vacation, it is important to take yourself off the grid to a degree and unplug from work. In this day in age, how do we completely detach ourselves from our work? We have electronics that let us “plug-in” whenever we need to catch up. This article has a few tips and questions to ask if it causes you too much stress to unplug completely. Be sure to draw the line between work and personal tech use.

University of Utah's New Dorm Mimics Google Headquarters

The University of Utah is planning on building a new dorm, Lassonde Studios, to entice budding entrepreneurial students. This studio is a part of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. The building is being modeled after startup spaces in San Francisco and New York. A 20,000 square-foot workspace will be on the ground floor called the “garage” and will offer 3D printers and rooms for prototyping. The garage will be opened 24 hours. The cost of the building is $45 million. The price of the studio is yet to be determined.

Why Innovators Fail And How You Can Benefit?

Innovative is a hot word right now. However, innovation does not guarantee rewards. Just because you may be the first one that comes up with the idea or solution, does not necessarily mean you will hit a grand slam. In fact, history shows us that the imitators (those that moved a little later) have a strong chance of improving and winning. What can you do to successfully imitate and improve?

Where the Real Deals Are Ignited at Conferences -- the Bar

It can be argued that the best time to make connections and meet people is not during an actual conference, but that night at a bar. People are tired of listening to speakers and walking the floor of a trade show. When it may be tempting to go back to the hotel and unwind, keep in mind that the social time spent at the bar may be able to provide more value than the conference itself. Here are three things to know about when entering and leaving a bar during a conference.

The Broke Entrepreneur: How To Survive Without Cash

Most startups face a period of time of pure survival. A lot of entrepreneurs fear—no money. This article has some advice to startups that are in this situation.

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