Community Colleges

Section 1: Institutional Information
Section 2: Program Information
H. Please identify the programs that your institution offers in the delivery of credit entrepreneurship education. Please check all that apply.

I. Please identify the additional program formats your institution utilizes in the delivery of entrepreneurship education. Please check all that apply.

J. Please identify the institutional resources available to both entrepreneurship students and non-students. Please check all that apply.

K. Does your institution participate in entrepreneurship experiential learning opportunities such as innovation competitions, entrepreneurship boot camps, business plan competitions, or funding companies?

Section 3: Community Engagement
O. Does your entrepreneurship education program established formal partnerships or linkages with any of the following organizations? Please check all that apply.

P. If any of the check boxes above are marked. Please identify the nature of these formal partnerships or linkages? Please check all that apply.

Q. Please identify the funding sources used to support your college's entrepreneurship eduction? Please check all that apply.

R. Has your college established an entrepreneurship advisory or governing board?

S. Does your institution provide seed funding for start-ups?

Section 4: Program Assessment
X. What methods are used to gather evaluation data on your institution's entrepreneurship offerings? Please check all that apply.

Y. How often do you evaluate your entrepreneurship education program?



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