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Entrepreneurship LawBrowse a collection of resources on intersections of law with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education relevant in several settings, whether you are an educator, a student, an inventor, a business owner, or a lawyer or other advisor to entrepreneurs.

FAQ's for Educators

1. How many people are registered to use the educators' sections of EshipLaw?
2. What types of educators are in the EshipLaw group?
3. What's here for me?
4. Can I submit materials?
5. How do members of the EshipLaw educators group communicate with each other, share information, and promote collaboration?
6. How is the EshipLaw listserv used?

1. How many people are registered to use the educators’ sections of EshipLaw? [top]

We have over 350 individuals registered for the EshipLaw listserv.

2. What types of educators are in the EshipLaw group? [top]

The EshipLaw educators group is interdisciplinary, and includes full-time, part-time, and adjunct doctrinal and clinical faculty members who work at intersections of law, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology commercialization.  The academic units represented include business, law, and engineering schools, among others.  Many members of the group work in or with transactional, entrepreneurship, small business and community development law school clinics, and with business incubators.  Several are also actively involved with other organizations with strong interest in entrepreneurship law—such as the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB), the Law & Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group within the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), the Transactional Clinics group within the Clinical Section of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), and the AALS Section on Transactional Law and Skills.

3. What's here for me? [top]

The EshipLaw site has course materials (syllabi, reading lists, exercises) for the teaching of entrepreneurship law subject matter in business, law or other academic units, and in interdisciplinary courses/programs, postings and citations of research on many related topics, information about starting, growing, and operating clinics, and links to many other useful resources. Here is just a sampling of some of these features, with hyperlinks to relevant sections of the site:

4. Can I submit materials? [top]

Yes! You may submit materials for possible posting on the EshipLaw site- whether course mateirals, articles or essays, or other content you feel appropriate for the site- through the submission portal 

5. How do members of the EshipLaw educators group communicate with each other, share information, and promote collaboration? [top]

In addition to networking at conferences and other events, many of which are noted well in advance of the event date on the Upcoming Events subsection on the site, two key ways in which members of the EshipLaw educators group can communicate and share information with one another are by actively using: (i) the EshipLaw listserv and (ii) the articles/essays postings and comments function in the EshipLaw Dialogue section, both of which allow members to share experiences, wisdom and expertise. Other opportunities for collaborative interaction are listed on this site under Collaboration Platforms.

6. How is the EshipLaw listserv used? [top]

The EshipLaw listserv has been a very popular and frequently used tool.  EshipLaw member educators, new and old, use the listserv to solicit input and advice from their colleagues on everything from syllabi creation, to clinics operational matters, to new programs and positions announcements, to law practice questions, to business organizations, intellectual property, securities and immigration law issues, and many other topics.  In fact, the EshipLaw listserv has become so popular and valuable that we are capturing the information shared in a searchable archive feature accessible here.

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