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Entrepreneurship LawBrowse a collection of resources on intersections of law with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education relevant in several settings, whether you are an educator, a student, an inventor, a business owner, or a lawyer or other advisor to entrepreneurs.

Law Scholarship Introduction

This area of the website collects legal and business scholarship relating to entrepreneurship.  In assembling these materials we deliberately cast the net wide, so it picks up a range of work from scholarly articles in research journals to how-to manuals available at your local bookstore. 

In a field this vast, however, no bibliographic resource can claim to be complete.  We envision this online resource to be a supplement to, but not a replacement for, other repositories of scholarship, such as the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Westlaw and LEXIS, among others.  The listings in this eLaw Scholarship section are likely to include many materials not contained in the other online scholarship databases, especially older materials and monographs, but we may have missed some materials that the other databases have included.

The materials collected here are organized by major topic headings and in some cases by subheadings as well.  Within each topic or subtopic, the materials are further organized by designation as “Legal Resource Materials” or “Business Resource Materials.”  Under each of these headings are listed relevant Books, Articles, Online Resources and Other Materials.

In most cases, the entries provide bibliographical information plus an abstract or synopsis of the piece.  Where possible, we have provided a link by which the user may obtain a copy of the resource, either by downloading or ordering a copy.  In some cases these materials are provided for free and in other cases they are available for purchase.

You may browse these materials by clicking on the “Overview” link  below and scrolling down through the topics and subtopics clicking on the ones you would like to explore, or you may navigate by clicking on the headings in the left sidebar to go directly to those subjects.  This material also has a robust search feature in the right sidebar (“Search EshipLaw Topics”) which you may find useful if you have specific search terms you would like to use.

This material was assembled with extensive assistance from the librarians at the Western New England University School of Law, especially Renee Y. Rastorfer, Head of Research Services, Western New England University School of Law / Law Library, Kim Garrison, Western New England School of Law class of 2013 and Emily Ridenour, Western New England School of Law class of 2015.  They were very thorough, but if you know of materials which should be included in this database but which have been left out, please let us know here and we’ll add them to the list.

For more information on how to navigate the Entrepreneurship Law Scholarship section of the EshipLaw website, please refer to the Entrepreneurship Law Scholarship Overview.


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