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Entrepreneurship LawBrowse a collection of resources on intersections of law with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education relevant in several settings, whether you are an educator, a student, an inventor, a business owner, or a lawyer or other advisor to entrepreneurs.

Resource Links Introduction

Law schools, bar associations, governmental agencies, the Kauffman Foundation, and many other organizations offer a wealth of resources to assist those working at intersections of law with entrepreneurship and innovation. This section of the website provides links and references to a wide variety of sources of potential assistance in such pursuits.

While most of the resources listed are available to the public, in a few cases the referenced link can be accessed only by members of particular organizations or groups, such as members of American Bar Association sections, committees or divisions; in such cases the reference notes that subscription or membership is required. No listed resource has paid or is expected to pay any fee for being referenced in this website, which is intended for educational purposes only. No representation is made, of course, that the resources in the Resource Links section are comprehensive. Subscribers are encouraged to offer suggestions regarding additional and developing resources for listing in this section by using the “Submission Form” button located on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Three of the main categories of information included in the Resource Links section (General Laws and Forms Info, Help Centers for Entrepreneurs, and Accessing Legal Services), are designed for general audiences interested in law and entrepreneurship information, including entrepreneurs and their advisors.  The other main category (Resources for Educators), contains information regarding various types of educational curriculum relating to entrepreneurship law, and links to potential resources on collaboration platforms and funding of curriculum design. 

For more detailed information on how to navigate the Resource Links section of the EshipLaw website, please refer to the Resource Links Overview.

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