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ProcuretoPay Fraud Detecting and Preventing Purchasing Receiving and Disbursement Fraud
7/31/2014 9:00 AM - 8/1/2014 6:00 PM
Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown Denver, Colorado United States
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Procure to pay is the target for fraudsters of many kinds both inside and outside your organization. Consider the possibility of receiving a perfectly legitimately-looking invoice which gets approved and processed before it is determined that the sender of the invoice is a "ghost" vendor with nothing more than a postal box for an address.

Or-the case of the large retailer whose Accounts Payable department honored the E-mail request of a "vendor" to switch from check payment to ACH payment, only to learn several millions dollars in fraudulent payments later, that the sender was a fraudster.

Why should you attend:

Understand how common procurement, receiving and disbursement frauds are perpetrated

Understand who the primary perpetrators of purchasing, receiving and disbursement fraud are

Understand why purchasing, receiving and accounts payable employees commit fraud

Learn how not to manage P2P from important case studies of frauds committing in this area

Recognize the red flags of common P2P frauds

Know how to apply best P2P fraud detection tools and techniques

Learn to correct P2P control deficiencies in favor of a robust anti-fraud control framework

Social Media Sync
7/31/2014 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
The Grove, Dallas Coworking Dallas, Texas United States
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Social Media Sync is serving up hot coffee, pancakes, and innovative ideas. Wake up and meet up with the Twittersphere, FourSquare, bloggers, and Facebook friends in the Dallas Community to discuss innovative ways social media is being used to grow businesses, develop communities, and create social change.

Startup Gauntlet
7/31/2014 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
ATDC Community Room 235 Atlanta, Georgia United States
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Designed for both Community and Student Entrepreneurs

You MUST have taken the ATDC Customer Discovery Course Prior to signing up for this.Customer Discovery is held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Perth Starters
7/31/2014 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Windsor Hotel, South Perth South Perth Australia
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We are a group of founders (developers, marketers, business people etc.) who meet weekly to support each other in our efforts to build lean startups using customer development and agile software development.

Make Lehigh Valley Open Hack
7/31/2014 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Makerspace of Hive 4A Allentown, Pennsylvania United States
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Open Hack Nights provide an opportunity for folks who are interested in learning more about Make Lehigh Valley and the Hive4A MakerSpace to come on out and join in the fun! FAQ for first-time hackers.

Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall
8/2/2014 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Kauffman Labs Kansas City, Missouri
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The modern person is being constantly pulled in a hundred different directions at any given time. Between our boss, our coworkers, our families, our personal development, our health, etc… we simply have too much to do.

Statistical Considerations for ICH Guidelines
8/4/2014 8:30 AM - 8/5/2014 4:30 PM
Hilton Sydney 488 George Street, Sydney, Australia 2000 Sydney Australia
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This unique hands-on course will provide attendees with an understanding of how to apply to Statistics to the ten ICH Quality guidelines. The course will deliver tools, templates and insight that will allow participants to immediately begin implementation within their organization/firm.

Marketing Made Lean
8/4/2014 1:00 PM - 8/25/2014 5:00 PM
FVTC Oshkosh Riverside Campus Oshkosh United States
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The FVTC Venture Center Team has developed a 4-part, 16 hour workshop series, Marketing Made Lean, for micro and small businesses. Marketing Made Lean will enable you to gain and retain customers while increasing sales and profit.

Key Concepts in Successful Water System Sanitization
8/5/2014 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Online Event Fremont, California United States
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This presentation focuses on the factors that can lead to water system sanitization success as well as failure so that the user can not only devise workable sanitization approaches, but also be able to recognize the early symptoms of a sanitization failure and troubleshoot the process for better optimization.

8/5/2014 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Flint Building - Business Innovation Center Kansas City, Kansas United States
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In celebration of Entrepreneurship, Kansas City Kansas Community College invites you to Connect@KCKCC where you will connect with others in our local entrepreneurial community and earn about our new Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion - designed to help launch companies and accelerate growth.

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